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February 9, 2015

Missteps Abound

Jill King

The last week has sure been interesting, national news, local issues and a few missteps in political races. Some you may know, others were from information that was happened upon.


While Brian Williams was there at my birth and cut the cord, he ultimately has told some clear inaccuracies of accounts in Iraq. Maybe that could explain why the media and other news sources have been less than honest with some of the facts released.


From Textgate, in which an immature 57-year-old delegate sent a rude and hateful message to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, to financial-reporting-gate, in which the Frederick County Republican Central Committee forgot to vet its nominee to replace Del. Kelly Schulz (D., 4th), who was named secretary of The Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation by Gov. Larry Hogan. Forget? Nah... It was purposeful and malicious because it did play out exactly as predicted and had the same delegate’s fingerprints all over it.


Barrie Ciliberti, the newly sworn-in delegate for District 4, apparently was not the one. It is still hard to make the connection between how he hooked up with the Houghzali. But from what witnesses are seeing, if you are not onboard with them, they will make an example of you. Lying seems to be their specialty. The central committees in both Carroll and Frederick counties have proven that they were not worthy of your vote.


I will note, though, that I do have complete faith in one who didn’t swallow the “acceptable” line – Cindy Schaff. She worked hard to rise above the fray and did not partake in Houghzali’s petty little games. Billy Shreve, a county councilman who also serves on the GOP central committee, is another story altogether. His stints on the radio only demonstrated that he is willing to say anything to stay in politics.


Pshhh... Why are Sen. Michael Hough and Del. Kathy Afzali such a threat? Everyone affected should be sharing their stories about them after Sheriff Jenkins led the way. No, he didn't want to handle “Textgate” this way, but there were also people who thought the more we put out there, the more likely people will see how dangerous these two elected officials – wannabe power brokers – are.


Speaking of wannabes, the local newspaper and schools would also like “mum to be the word” when it comes to the recent national news incident at Frederick High School. It was a double shooting that could prove that gangs are still alive and well in Frederick, but shhh... the police would rather children and adults be ignorant instead of vigilant and working to find solutions.


In Annapolis, another gang, or maybe they could be addicts, reformed after the State of the State address. The first step to curing addiction is to admit that you have a problem. The Democrat-controlled General Assembly either refuses this first step or would prefer that the public remain ignorant of any spending habits formed in prior administrations. Maybe they will understand more when the governor gets more in depth with the heroin epidemic that has swept the entire state.


Democrats need to just vote and swear in the appointments that Governor Hogan chose and stop it with the baby whining fits. Prolonging the inevitable shows Democrats inability to work on Maryland's economy and fiscal situation and work together in a bipartisan fashion, in their attempt to discredit the governor.


Didn't our own Sheriff Jenkins warn us of this? Gangs, drugs... Why are people turning a blind eye to the dangerous elements and refusing to admit we have a problem and move forward, instead sweeping it under the rug?


One group that covers much of Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore gets the “I feel bad for your position” award. The agriculture banquet this week had not one representative from Legislative District 4 in attendance to reach out to the group. If it weren't for Del. Bill Folden, (R., D3) Frederick County wouldn't have had any representatives at this must attend event. The farming community may want to hold on to Delegate Folden. I’m just sayin’...


Lastly, one of my past columns highlighted the poor decisions made by Board of Education member Elizabeth Barrett. For some reason voters thought that her poor fiscal responsibilities in her past, her lack of control with animals and her poor driving record didn't portray the character of the person and voted for her anyway.


Well... Since she was elected, she has accumulated six new driving charges, four from November 23, 2014, and two from December 31, 2014, according to a Maryland Judiciary case search. Most stem from driving on a suspended license or failing to attach registration plates to the front and rear of her car.


Maybe Mr. Ciliberti and Ms. Barrett should start their own election slate next term: People who refuse to pay fines, unless they are forced to do so.


Usually retraining my brain for the future, but now apparently writing from the basement.


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