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February 3, 2015

A Night with Agatha Christie

Harry M. Covert

Lots of days, mornings, noons and nights, I have been in the company of my friend Jane. Even while trying to make sense of the Frederick County political activities, she kept knitting, drinking tea and reminding that us “Americans have a lot to answer for.”


It is rather interesting and informative about how much can be learned paying attention to people like Jane. She knew how to weed her way through bloviations, red herrings and bald-faced lies and liars. Her insights are something to behold and important to stay on the cusp of Frederick’s politics, governing and the people, the good, the bad and/or the ugly who make the county a fun place to live, raise families and enjoy various cuisines.


Picking battles and enjoying the fights can either be a hobby, a profession or both. No further explanation is necessary.


It is pleasurable to hang around with Jane Marple. Alright, I should say her creator Agatha Christie. Driving around, visiting the quaint communities and rambling countrysides, listening to locals gabbling in the fire halls, city halls and around the Great Frederick Fairgrounds is a continuing reminder that Driving Miss Marple is indeed a treat.


Geraldine McEwan, the acclaimed British actress, portrayed Miss Marple for 12 TV episodes from 2004 to 2008. She was LXXXII (Super Bowl fans, that is 82.) and a delight.


I may be knocking myself out today but enjoying days with Jane is also relishing the books, plays and creations of Agatha Christie.


Producers of Frederick’s Way Off Broadway Dinner Theater know how to entertain. Just off Willowdale Drive, they are now performing Agatha’s great play:”And Then There Were None.” The food is great, the actors excellent and their performances make a grand night out.


Apparently I’m not the only one around here who enjoys Agatha Christie’s Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot. These presentations can be found in old movies and everyone is great. They provide getaways from the fun and games up and down the Golden Mile, and are grand entertainment.


“And Then There Were None” is not amateur night in the county but on the imaginative Soldier Island. Culture in Frederick County is at its best. The Way Off Broadway troupe has some more treats upcoming. The next is “Fiddler on the Roof” from March 13 to May 30. I tout them.


I’m easy, folks, and following all of the drubbing in and out of the political arena, a night there is amusing. Not all of the fun is at Winchester Hall or Annapolis or on local radio. The actors not only were witty on stage, they were delightful with the customers. I will attest to the courtesies of two who visited my table a few nights ago: Matthew Crawford, on stage as Captain Philip Lombard, and Dino Coppa as Sir Lawrence Wargrave, The other cast members deserve notice, too.


Miss Marple, may she rest in peace as Geraldine McEwan, has set a high bar for excellence.


Yes, “Americans have a lot to learn” of and from Miss Marple. Despite the success at Yorktown, Virginia, we will draw the line at such honorifics.


Maybe some esteemed Frederick personages will take time for a little literary and tangible stagecraft. Somehow we may not want our leaders addressed as “Her Worship,” “Dame so-and-so” or Sir whoever.”


There are some Lord Beaverbrooks around and about, but I have no intention of naming them here.


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