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As Long as We Remember...

January 27, 2015

Twiddledumb and Twiddledumber

Harry M. Covert

The past few weeks in Frederick have been rather interesting, entertaining and especially uplifting for journalists in all categories. During the fortnight when national and statewide events might overshadow goings-on locally, untoward conduct reared its ugly head and “really and truly” enables all of us to just guffaw.


This is one of the great reasons the journalistic profession can be so much fun. It can be no shock that good news is not good news. Readers love to be on the inside and read about the goofiness and frailties of those who dare to present themselves as leaders.


I have no intention of reliving or rewriting what some may call an intraparty struggle. From a commenter’s point of view, it’s totally fun to hear words like wimpy and bully. Of course, I don’t want to use the surnames of partisan miscreants, but I will use their initials, “A” and “H,” for the simple reason why give them free publicity.


Several editors I know were absolutely flabbergasted by the name calling of elected state leaders. Like me, they were grateful to have some well-read articles and the unexpected opportunity to report such events.


Frederick now has a Sheriff-for-Life. I mean he can have the job as long as he wants it. The supposed partisans will have to learn how “hands-up, don’t’ shoot” may be important to them but nonsense to the rest of us. They should learn “hugs” and apologies may be better. Trust and verify, someone once said.


Another editor described the delegate and, yes, a state senator, “twiddledumb and twiddledumber.” Funny, funny and funnier. Another writer sent a note demanding this line, “beauty may be skin deep but dumb is to the bone.” I checked thinking this might be an original comment that I could perhaps use as mine. I cannot tell a lie. It’s as old as Methuselah.


I recall a few years back when the president of the Senate told a Democratic senior senator to “go –f*** himself during a swearing-in session. Everybody’s favorite vice president said that. I was aghast. Swearing on the Senate floor is against the rules. Look it up.


While all the wannebe presidents are huffing and puffing in Iowa, it may be simpler to nominate Dick Cheney. He knows a thing or two about wimps, especially in the nation’s capital.


Let’s return to what are the main problems facing Americans. I can say the Sheriff-for-Life is on the mark about halting the influx of illegal intruders and accompanying “sleepers.” And, when Americans are going to get “mad as hell” and tell the mid-east terrorists we’ve had enough?


I don’t expect that’s going to be anytime soon. Frankly I’m tired of hearing that we don’t want to offend “Muslim terrorists.”


Personally, I believe in loving our neighbors, foreign and domestic; but we’ve allowed this stuff long enough. Perhaps there needs to be a history lesson. People are recalling the horrors of the Holocaust this week, the life of a fellow named Churchill. How about the Man from Independence?


I’ve interviewed lots of military veterans from World War II to the present. We’re in agreement. Let’s send a deadline to ISIS, the beheaders or whatever they call themselves. We don’t need to talk in circles.


“Straighten up and fly right, or you are going to get a modernized version of Trumanizing.”


It is more than tiresome to keep hearing the blather from those do-nothing leaders, both foreign and domestic. Paraphrasing Gen. Curtis LeMay, “bomb them back to the stone age.” It would be relatively quick for the rebels in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, and other terrorist hotspots, to have their wish.


Now, back to Frederick. No need for words like wimp and bully or curse words from any citizen who leads or wants to lead. Stand on principles, not ugliness of any sort.


During this Super Bowl week, I only wish the Ravens were there. And, perhaps sometime in the next quarter century, the Redskins could bring on a decent team.


Are us sports fans crazy or what? The big story isn’t inflation or deflation. It’s the hot air emanating from news-creators. Remember the modern game has at least three phases: offensive team, defensive team and one team only to go to the bank.


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