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January 23, 2015

Reverse Thinking

Roy Meachum

Democrat Jan Gardner is the reverse of what I’ve heard. All things now will be Republican. When I moved here in 1984, as I’ve said, matters could be judged from the “Donkey” party; of course, James E. “Doc” McClellan was in charge.


Doc was not free flowing; anybody who tolerates state Sen. Jack Derr (R) cannot be considered liberal. The whole empire suffers by comparison. In the first place, there are conservatives; and, moving to Frederick, I had no such idea right-of-center existed in the county. In today’s mess, chairman of the council, Bud Otis, has come close.


Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve are messing around. The one advocated – and the other supported – treatment of the press that is not revolutionary, according to democratic principles. Mr. Delauter called for editorial supervision, given in advance. As I wrote in an earlier column, that would be insane.


Mr. Otis, in his chairmanship, makes the most sense. He counts as a cautious man, compared with other politicians. After all, his former employer Congressman Roscoe Bartlett kept him waiting more than several years. He counts as patient. Why do we want him? Is there any choice?


There, of course, is the county executive; Jan Gardner and her allied Democratic representatives on the council. This is a warning that Ms. Gardner is only one to propose a bill, unlike the commissioners’ system. Mr. Otis has already advertised Republicans have a right to the hopper that drops bills to the executive and the council.


Anyway, we’re talking about genuine revolution for Frederick County. In effect, four years turned out differently than the forefathers could hope in the past 48 months.


What is so different in the county government may surprise both of those who ran for the county executive last November.


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