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As Long as We Remember...

January 22, 2015

A Politicianís Jealousy

Harry M. Covert

I want to thank Kathy Afzali today. Her continuing audacity has weaned me from developing reportage that stirred the cockles of my heart. By the way, there are no such things as cockles, cochleae cordis, if you please.


Let me explain. Cockle shells are small mollusks and snails that resemble heart chambers.


In the midst of the snow yesterday, I was contemplating what Frederick’s late major league baseball star Charlie Keller might say about the Washington National’s $50 million signing bonus to a 30-year-old pitcher. This $50 million goes along with a seven-year $210 million contract.


Ain’t business wonderful? My sons said: “Dad, it’s your fault I can’t sign my name for $50 million dollars.” At this point they aren’t threatening to sue me for parental failure.


I was also thinking about a cable news anchor and editor who thought they had a big story reporting on a Russian “spy” ship docked in Havana, like it was a shock. For 50 years, even after the “Cuban Missile Crisis,” Russian ships and sailors have been refueling, taking rest and relaxation and keeping a lookout on United States naval activities at Guantánamo Bay and other interesting sites in the Caribbean.


Also, navel-gazing had me recall James Taylor singing in Paris, “You Got a Friend.” I was going to say this was less expensive than sending Air Force One and all the other ancillary people and things to the March on Paris, for free speech, and international symbolization.


Gosh, $50 million dollars? Sorry boys, I was busy having fun typing news on a Royal manual, chasing stories. Hope they forgive me sometime soon.


For the umpteenth time, I’ll note, “all politics is local.” We all know that and Frederick’s House of Delegates member, 57-year-old Afzali, instead of spending her time criticizing, lambasting and making opponents miserable, from Middletown and other Frederick County localities  with bad things, she keeps on publicly attacking a Republican colleague. I find it hard to believe she’s anything but a laughing stock among her partisans on the left, right and wrong.


I can imagine the ease in name-calling opponents. That can be fun, if rather undignified. But calling the distinguished Frederick Sheriff Chuck

Jenkins a wimp, among other things, is unacceptable and ignorant. I will just say it, Sheriff Jenkins is anything but a wimp. All of her emails to the sheriff, many sent anonymously, are foolish and offensive to everybody.


It would be difficult to be her political adviser, unless she paid in advance. It can be recalled here that she was a standout supporter of Sheriff Jenkins in his first campaign for the job. It would not be inappropriate for her to be expelled from local party activities or positions. The sheriff supported Wendi Peters to replace Kelly Schulz now a member of Governor Hogan’s cabinet.


The bottom line, as I wrote recently, is a battle to be first among equals and this is in the same party.


A pox on Ms. Afzali.


I feel sorry for her and won’t select her name on the voting machine in the future. The radio broadcast which aired her tirade did a good thing. Sheriff Jenkins is a gentleman in this matter. He was the overwhelming vote-getter in November past. Whether Afzali and her cohorts hanging around Annapolis or Frederick know it or not, he doesn’t have to strut around. He goes about his elected business and the people believe, trust and like him.


Hearing such invective is not worthy of a delegate, especially one who swears, affirms and promises to work for the best interests of constituents and communities.


Honor and respect is earned. Sheriff Jenkins wins this battle. His detractor has a lot to learn.


I’m still reeling over that $50 million signing bonus.


I’m still astonished that national newsies don’t know anything about intelligence gathering.


I’m still incredulous at the Paris “hugging and singing.”


All this reminds me of Marion Morrison’s comment in Sands of Iwo Jima: "Life is hard; it’s harder when you're stupid."


And this one from the great Canadian Sergeant-at-Arms and now ambassador to Ireland: “I engaged the suspect and the suspect is deceased.”


And, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, “I love this job.”


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