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January 19, 2015

Letter Writing Legislators

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

Recently, 27 state delegates and senators, all Democrats, submitted an open letter to The letter is intended to serve as advice to newly elected Gov. Larry Hogan as he prepares to take the oath of office on Wednesday., a respected source of political news and information, dutifully provided space for these legislators to share their thoughts with the new governor, although one suspects they chose this medium to speak to their supporters instead of Governor-elect Hogan.


A quick read suggests that these legislators learned nothing from the voters back in November. Instead of acknowledging the overwhelming rejection of the proposed agenda of the O'Malley/Brown team, the writers of this open letter are advocating EXACTLY the same failed priorities.


Couched in the context of a congratulatory note to Mr. Hogan, the letter writers argue that to properly address the needs of the middle class, we need to spend billions on mass transit projects that provide very limited access to most of the state. They advocate significant increases in spending for public education, additional investment in renewable energy, following the flawed national model of choosing winners and losers, and taxing evil rich people at a much higher rate in order to reduce the tax burden on their core constituents.


In addition to sticking closely to the national Democratic Party playbook, they advocate for a defense of family values by arguing for additional paid leave to be provided by employers. Which family values do they actually represent? The Addams Family?


The level of ignorance at the message sent by Maryland voters back in early November is truly stunning. Best of all is the idea that these legislators, including notable incumbent progressives like Del. Al Carr (Montgomery), Del. David Fraser-Hildalgo (Montgomery), Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez (Montgomery) and our own Sen. Ron Young (Frederick 3-B) never once advocated for spending within our means during the eight years of Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration. They were like the proverbial good-time Charlies, throwing money around as if it grew on trees along the Severn River.


Now, a Republican has been elected with a clear voter mandate, and suddenly these progressives are concerned about spending priorities? Yeah, right.


Governor-elect Hogan would be wise to ignore the questionably valid advice offered by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. None of the signators of this letter has the least interest in a true partnership in governance with the new state administration.


In fact, you can count on every single one of these letter writers to be motivated solely by the special interests that have elected them, be it immigration advocates, public education advocates, the environmental lobby, or white collar state worker unions.


The idea that they care about working with Governor-elect Hogan will be tested almost immediately. How long after his swearing-in will it take for any of these letter writers to attack Hogan's agenda as anti-children or ignoring the poor and downtrodden?


Give it a week………… best.


Instead of writing pointless political open letters, these legislators would be better served by buckling down, studying the voting patterns that brought Mr. Hogan to office, and setting aside their own agendas in the interest of all Marylanders.


Don't hold your breath, though. I suspect they write better than they'll legislate.


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