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January 13, 2015

A Lesson for ‘Good Old Boys and Girls’

Harry M. Covert

Woe unto the Frederick County Republican Central Committee. I am not a member. Never have been. Even if I had such tendencies to be a joiner, I wouldn’t give a hoot for the local boys and girls, the supposedly partisan big shots in the political arena.


Evidently, there is no loyalty among the quote/unquote members. They take no mention or concern of their partisan candidates’ hard work. I’m thinking of the toil of door-knocking, licking stamps (real U.S. Postal imprints), debating before all kinds of groups, making every effort to reach voters, who are usually busy with all kinds of fun and games.


Now, the alleged decision-makers certainly don’t care at all about Frederick County voters or what they think or who they think would be successful in Annapolis to give local citizens a strong and good voice.


Democratic Party members in these parts do act similarly in personality battles. On the local front, the party of Mr. “O” has taken the business of winning elections to heart. The new county council results show the success of organizing and marching to the same drum beat.


Indeed GOP candidates in November, with few exceptions, didn’t get much help, if any, from the current members of the Republican Central Committee. The candidates really had to run their own campaigns and they did so out of personal principles and beliefs.


Exasperating as it appears, the bottom line is this: the locals have failed party candidates, members and supporters.


How exciting it is that the Honorable Kelly Schultz will give up her General Assembly seat. Why? She is joining incoming governor Larry Hogan. Thus Frederick can be proud that the new chief executive has sense enough to select a Frederick leader for his cabinet. Now that is an honor of the top chop, not only for Delegate Schultz but mostly for the county.


Governor-elect Hogan has spent lots of time in Frederick since his election, meeting with local leaders, the real leaders of the partisan political stripes. He is determined to include the state’s largest county in his four-year term. There are lots of issues facing him, and he has not forgotten the leaders and workers who diligently campaigned with and for him.


A fellow named Reagan liked to invoke an 11th commandment, meaning Republicans should not bad mouth Republicans. This instruction was a good one during his hallowed reign and, like many other things, the GOPs (rhymes with flops) have short-memories.


I purposely am not mentioning the members of the central committee. I did like the protestors last week who expressed objections to the closed door manner in which candidates were being “cross-examined” in an effort to succeed Delegate Schultz when she is confirmed Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.


It is astonishing the committee did not have the courage to interview Wendi Peters. She was first in the Republican primary for the District 4 seat among those who just missed moving on to the General Election.


I would like to see a barrage of letters, either by an envelope with a Mark Twain commemorative stamp or electronic mail, sent immediately to the governor-elect. Be honorable, your Excellency, ignore the local GOPs and choose Wendi Peters for the delegate’s position.


She lives in Mount Airy and is more than well-qualified to be a delegate. Wendy Peters is a true conservative and knows the issues. She would work well.


The “good old boys and girls” who have chosen another candidate need a lesson in honesty, veracity and, let’s be clear, loyalty.


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