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January 13, 2015

Funny Politicians

Roy Meachum

At the annual post holiday party for writers (mostly) for, the talk turned soon to state Sen.-elect Michael Hough. Since most of the website’s writers are conservative; I expected they would follow the party-line. I was summarily surprised!


Led by our host, John Ashbury, state Sen. David Brinkley received cheering for his stands apart from all right-wing guests – rather the form Sen. Hough accepts. Having moved to West Virginia, state Sen. Alex X. Mooney snagged elective post the first time around. Instead of Annapolis, he can spread his effective mess around Charleston, the capitol of the nestling geographical entity out west, and throughout Washington as a new congressman.


Gathering from the talk around me, this conversation held forth not about Senator Brinkley, nor Alex Mooney, but certainly about Michael Hough: how he stole the state Senate seat with massive distortions of Senator Brinkley’s record. The group in John’s family room allowed he couldn’t be trusted – not to this liberal in their midst.


The same applies to his “buddy;” now U.S. Congressman Mooney. He has too much to spend; where it comes from is a mystery – from right-wing sources. He’s managing to spread it around; in this case, Mr. Hough’s pocket. I didn’t accept the origins.


Despite Mooney’s mother calling on me; there she was sitting on my former house’s patio, spinning about Castro’s Cuba. The best, I promised her, would be for me would be to look at it; she protested I didn’t have the background. Her husband, Vincent, talked to me several times, in the bedroom on 4th Street. As I recall, he didn’t pitch to me. Was he still around to verify the dialogues?


Anyway Alex Mooney was sent packing in 2010 to West Virginia by the former Frederick Mayor Ron Young, now the state senator in District 3. He’s doing fine.


Regrets apply about Michael Hough; he seems healthy and wise about the balloting system. He represents thinking that is foreign to my way of thought. I still object to his presence in the General Assembly.


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