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January 5, 2015

Ignoring The Voters in District 4

Jill King

Sometimes, after numerous attempts to get people to do the right thing, they still do it their way. Here is the latest example; and it comes from the typically irrelevant Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC).


It comes in the form of the selection of a candidate by the FCRCC to fill a delegate seat in District 4, should Kelly Schulz be confirmed as secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR). The committee wants to forward a single name to Governor-elect Larry Hogan to fill Ms. Schulz’s seat.


During the last Friday’s FCRCC’s closed session, three candidates were chosen to move forward to the interview process in what was presented in local news as a "unanimous decision."


The vote for these three candidates was reported as unanimous, by Joeylyn Hough, central committee chairman and wife of Senator-elect Michael Hough. However, it wasn't unanimous for the applicants to be interviewed. After much heated debate, the central committee members voted unanimously to end the discussion and vote. Most would call this reporting by Ms. Hough a lie.


The votes were not unanimous for any applicants to move forward, according to Darren Wigfield, a FCRCC member.


We will never know what really happened in that closed door session because it lacks an element of transparency. How can anyone be part of a group that has chosen to ignore the candidacy of someone who sought the post in the primary election last year and came in fourth when three were selected by voters?


The applicants moving forward are Barrie Ciliberti, who came in fifth and was on the Hough/Afzali slate; Paul Stull, a former delegate, who needs to be among those interviewed to make the farming communities think that the FCRCC is trying to do the right thing. Mr. Stull was the champion of the farming community as a delegate, but he was defeated in the primary four years ago. He chose not to run last year. The third person selected to be interviewed is Christopher Glass, a last minute applicant who has written favorable letters to the editor on behalf of both Michael Hough and former state Sen. Alex Mooney.


The farming community supported and endorsed former Mount Airy Councilman Wendi Peters prior to the primary last year. Now their only hope is Paul Stull, whose name will not be submitted by the FCRCC for appointment to the seat, because the name to be submitted has already been decided – prior to the conclusion of the interview process. Thus the farmers of Frederick County will have no representative in Annapolis because those to be sworn in this month have not taken the time to learn what the needs are – or they have other agendas.


Mr. Ciliberti is the chosen one, period.


There are so many implications from this it is hard to even predict what the fallout will be in the Republican Party community in Frederick County. It is obvious that some of it is already occurring, including loss of Republican card holders to an unaffiliated status. It is not yet prevalent but damning to any regular Joe Shmo, who doesn't kneel at the altar of the local Republican Central Committee and their kingpin Michael Hough's altar.


Local races will see an impact because most conservative Republicans don't hold a partisan, extremist view. The current central committee will not stand behind anyone who has spoken out against their gangster-like tactics.


Neither the Republican Women's Club of Frederick County, nor the main organization, the Republican Club of Frederick County, support the decisions of the central committee in this delegate selection matter, all of which leads to a lack of party unity.


Both clubs and their members have spoken out on radio and social media in support of Wendi Peters. Many elected officials have come out of the woodwork to support Ms. Peters. They did not want to make waves with this group – led by Mr. Hough – before the elections took place.


Mr. Hough’s group and followers are dirty. They are backstabbers, and if one thinks they are a safety zone, just remember Alex X. Mooney. People couldn't even hold their nose and vote for him, when he showed his true colors.


Remember Ted Dacey and his tactics against Democrat Donna Kuzemchak in the Frederick City elections? He holds a seat on the central committee; therefore applicants have to have minimal requirements. Yes, Alderman Kuzemchak is thanking us now.


The grievances with the central committee are beyond who they will nominate to Governor-elect Hogan to fill this vacant District 4 seat. They failed to support candidates in the general election, such as the people's choice for sheriff – Chuck Jenkins. Most of them did not attend any events that were not Hough-related, nor did they help campaigns outside of the Hough status quo.


Many are now beyond embarrassed that this group is attempting to take over and craft the manner in which Frederick County politics plays out.


Yes, once again it is time to grab your torches and pitchforks and run the rest of the Mooney clan to West Virginia.


Starve the beast.


Don't attend any central committee sponsored events. They are not working for the will of the people.


Give them as much negative press as possible. Remember, some of these committee members use this position as a stepping stone for political office and use it for gathering email lists and even your address from voter rolls that aren't available to your average person.


If you want to do nothing, and are happy how things are going, do nothing. However, you are in the minority at this point. It is important for the integrity of our community and the Republican Party that these back door shenanigans stop and that the average voter is accounted for.


It is a shame when highly decorated members of the community can't speak out because of their position – or fear. It is also a shame that we voted on these individuals who refuse to listen to the people.


Shame on them!


Retraining my brain for the future... conferring with the past.


An event has been scheduled to protest the actions of the Central Committee on January 7, 2015, at 7 P.M. For more information, please feel free to email me.


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