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December 30, 2014

No Brickbats, No Resolutions

Harry M. Covert

We are in the last days and this is my final column; I mean, the last one for the Year of our Lord passing on this the 364th day. But don’t dismay, because there will be more to come in 2015.


For the sake of all subscribers, no time will be used today to hurl any further brickbats at the moguls of the county, to challenge the nefarious meditations of political leaders who swear by the Almighty to attend to the needs of “we the people,” or to those determined to alter the name on the baseball park for “filthy lucre” and other endearments.


Nor will the space today be left to any proposed New Year resolutions, which most people are never able to keep anyway.


Sure seems like everyone needs a rest from the trials and tribulations of what has been a most interesting year on the local front. I do.


Surely, any year-end commentating should include the, activities, righteous and unrighteous, on the national and international stages.


In real life and in all actuality, everyone is re-loading, getting ready for bear and another round of knock-down, drag out fighting even though there are new smiles on faces after holidaying, belly-filing and a general thinking that all is winding up and maybe, just maybe, our side, whichever it may be, will be on top … again.


Some 35 years ago my personal archives show some words then: “The world remains in turmoil, perhaps more seriously than any time in the history of the earth.”


I sure seemed to be a Houdini, a regular prognosticator, or fortune teller. In the same article, I wrote: “And the one nation, which we believe has been given the position of leadership, appears to be abdicating its God-given responsibility.” I believe it’s true today.


Forgive me if this appears to be from a know-it-all. I can ask has much changed since those 1979 Days of Destiny as I described them? The certainty is things are worse than we thought and coming from all directions fast than we can count.


By all rights we should be more positive, end the year with more anticipation and welcome the New Year with glad hands, great outlooks and keeping our side arms at the ready. Please, Mr. C, a little more levity here.


To be perfectly honest the beloved Frederick County is not as safe and sound as it once was; the United States is not secure as any time before; the world is teeming with danger on every continent.


Further from the file, my words continued:


“Take a few minutes to think about the international troubles.  Think about the problems facing every nation – the evil, the greed, the hopelessness, the carelessness.” I was propagandizing on a roll here, “Sin is rampant. Peoples of the world are enduring physical and spiritual hunger.”


If you’re still with me today, the job of self-preservation must include not only those fortunate souls in the city and county, but those around the Free State and our other diverse 49 sovereign entities.


Any celebration of a new year must include a determination to be confident, compassionate and strong.


If the nation is the most powerful on earth, there’s no need to be so wishy-washy and appear soft and milque-toasty. We’re anything but “brummagems.”


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