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December 26, 2014

Hardly Blaine

Roy Meachum

Although I supported Blaine Young for county executive, his loss didn’t shiver my timbers. His colleagues sat him “on the Planning Commission for the next five years; it’s being interpreted as he can’t get away from Winchester Hall business, and adversely.


“My best advice: leave politics! At least for years! Blaine will know when the time runs out.”


Until he was given a written opinion by the Maryland attorney general, he clung to the hope that he would serve on the Planning Commission and fight the electorate. The former chair of the Board of County Commissioners certainly knows the dirty tricks and not-so-dirty; he has in his lineage – his father was mayor of Frederick – knows all the ruses.


Unfortunately, the son followed switched to the GOP; the father-mayor was Democrat. If he ran under his true colors, Blaine would get elected – or maybe not. The whole slate veered toward Republicans – with the exception of Democrat Jan Gardner, who is now county executive. The chairman of the “councilmen” is Republican Bud Otis.


The emerging portrait is Winchester Hall’s basement and Blaine in the hand-cuffs; he would likely lose all his support – that brought him in a cat’s whisker of being elected. From this point, the former Board of County Commissioners chair operates independently; there will be no helpful hints in this column. My Big Question: who listens for a critic, better to stick with campaign workers whose outlook as unduly optimistic?


Blaine came to me. On the porch of 823 N. Market, a good place to argue in; we discussed politics from Hell and gone. He has exhausted me. I can see him in Winchester Hall’s basement with his mother, Carol; he was 13-years-old – before he switched to a change between Republican and Democrats. He was elected as the Donkey Party representative to be a City Hall alderman; the rest of the campaigns went to him because of the Elephant Party.


I am a lousy Democrat, going for the woman/man instead of the party label.


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