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December 16, 2014

Donít Cry for Captured Terrorists

Harry M. Covert

Verbal bashings continue out of control toward a former president, vice president and the intelligence agency; the “covert ones,” if you please.


Despite a plea from the secretary of state not to do so and agreeing to redactions from an ally, the Democratic senator from California released a report on interrogation methods. It was properly described as – pardon me – crap. Other adjectives have been used. I like them.


Let’s get real. I recall an attack on the Twin Towers in New York in what is remembered as 9/11. Seems like there was a previous terrorism bombing designed by a blind-cleric who is now in prison.


Recall once again the serious reasons for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Recall the battlefield captures which ended up at Guantánamo, Cuba.


Recall beheadings of Americans and others.


Recall the British soldier beheaded in downtown London.


Recall the Boston Marathon terrorists in Boston.


Recall the continued threats against America and Americans by those who want to destroy America. These threats are serious and a vicious business.


Recall the capture of a Maryland aid worker in Pakistan, supposedly from an ally who helps the enemy.


Recall the capture by Cuba of another Marylander still imprisoned.


Recall those who practiced paint-balling in local states in preparation for local terroristic attacks.


Recall…The list goes on.


As Rhett Butler is famous for saying, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


Terrorism has grown and is mounting rapidly in almost every quarter of the world by leaps and bounds.


Scripture teaches us that to be kind one to another, to forgive those who despitefully use you, and then the Beatitudes. Good, good and good.


Most people should know the story of David and Goliath. Actually, the good old USA is the David of today. The terrorists, Muslim fanatics and others are goliath, lower case “g” in the latter goliath.


It is interesting that America’s slingshots are rather big but paralyzed and mostly because us “good guys” are hampered by would-be patriots.


I’m sorry that the sweet detainees were subjected to water boarding, forced to hang from their thumbs, given their meals by anal rehydration and subjected to other things like being allowed to pray five times a day, reading materials and “three hots and a cot.”


The wishing out there is for everybody to get along and live like us. Pay attention. Haters are everywhere and this is no time to try and continue the destruction of America the beautiful. Time has come for some mental rehydration.


It’s truly something to consider that intelligence agencies make every effort to put the kibosh on the nation’s enemies, and then want to destroy the effectiveness. It’s not a fun job and not glamorous.


All of the useless handwringing about interrogations, why not recall how the world changed. Obviously hindsight is 20-20 vision.


Does anyone of this day recall something called a “Day of infamy,” death marches, concentration camps, the national socialistic march across Europe?


The radical Muslims, such as ISIL, al Qaida, and those similar, want the entire world to live back in the Stone Age.


Good old kind America rebuilt the criminal destruction across the sea in Europe and Asia.


Latest maneuvers out of the federal city are filled with more overtones of attempted political payback than common sense or anything else. Bah, humbug is too easy a word to use. I can think of others.


The nation, and the world, is burning again. Voters have kicked out a bunch of national politicians blinded by not knowing “the hearts of their countrymen.”


As has been said previously, the new generation of Americans is being called the millennials. Tragically, and it is indeed dreadful, so many find the days of yore not important.


Basic institutions of modern society are threatened.


This nation is not like any other around the world. Why in all that is good and proper should the United States want to be just like the others? Never.


What was once called propaganda is now certified news.


What is taught about history these days seems out of whack. Who wants to live in medieval times?


Time has come for all of the skylarking to end. Time to stop making excuses for terrorists, killers, hostage-takers and all those who hate us.


I remember the news story and video where the Afghanistan’s hate police grabbed a young woman, buried her up to her neck in a soccer stadium and then, for all to see, chopped off her head.


It is time to visit America’s wounded and see results of the bombers. Visit national cemeteries and see the results of wars.


Don’t ever lose any sleep over the questioning of the captured fighters/terrorists. Get mad at them.


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