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December 12, 2014

O’Malley Trails Clinton and Other “News”

Joe Charlebois

If polls are to be believed, our favorite progressives aren’t doing so well these days. The out-going governor of Maryland trails the more centrist Hillary Rodham Clinton in early presidential preference polls and President Barack Obama is suffering in the public’s eye as well. His approval rating is nothing short of abysmal.


Starting at the top, the president, who acts as though he is oblivious to the resounding defeat his party suffered at the hands of the American people, continues to act in an imperial way. He is dismissing the will of the electorate and acting in extra-constitutional ways. He sees this as the only way to unilaterally further his agenda. Since Mr. Obama has demonstrated an inability to work across the aisle and compromise, his agenda is likely to be completely blocked when the Republicans officially gain control of the Senate next month.


The polls, which show no faith in the Congress – just over 13 percent approval rating, show little faith in the president either. In fact the last time that the Real Clear Politics average showed at least 50 percent of those polled approving of how the president conducted his business was on March 3rd 2013. Currently he has a 41.9% job approval rating while 53.7% disapproving. These numbers have remained somewhat consistent for over a year now.


One explanation could be that the president sees everything through the distortion of an ideological prism. He is by no means a political being. He seems incapable of truly reaching out to those who disagree with him; and, because of this, he has done little to regain the trust of the many Americans who voted for him in 2008 and once again in 2012. As time goes on, more and more of the American people have come to realize that the man with a gift for delivering TelePrompTer speeches is unable to lead a great and diverse nation such as ours.


Another progressive ideologue is suffering in the polls as well. Maryland’s Gov. Martin O’Malley has been on the stump throughout politically important states for the past few years trying to gain national recognition in a potential bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2016. Unless there is a drastic change in his party’s landscape, Mr. O’Malley will be on the outside looking in.


In what cannot be seen as a good sign, his native state of Maryland has seen enough of the former two-term mayor of Baltimore and two-term governor of Maryland. His progressive policies and contempt for Maryland businesses and taxpayers have burnt bridges for the presidential hopeful. Because of his ideological stubbornness, the governor owns very similar approval numbers to the president. Mr O’Malley received a 41% approval rating prior to the election.


In the same poll – an October Washington Post-University of Maryland poll, it was revealed that the governor was trailing Hillary Clinton by a mere 60% in his own state! If that wasn’t bad enough, he didn’t even beat out the two leftists in the poll; Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and self avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.


The presidential election isn’t all that far off, and according to the polls we have….drum roll please! Clinton and former Florida governor Jeb Bush.


The current candidate list on both sides reveals little in the way of presidential characters. However, there are two potential candidates that I would like to see get into the fray and both are Republicans. The first is Gov. Mike Pence, of Indiana, and the second is Sen. Rob Portman, of Ohio. I know both would make excellent candidates and neither have the negatives that the myriad of current candidates have.


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