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As Long as We Remember...

December 11, 2014

Time to Revisit the Golden Rule?

Harry M. Covert

Society is never going to be fair and equal. Never has been and never will. Platitudes abound plenty and certainly always sound good.


Most people know about the Golden Rule. Most people know about the evils of meanness. Most people know about bad attitudes. Most people know that life on every level is difficult and uneven.


People in Frederick County do have good hearts, not just during this Christmas holiday season. Interaction between all types of charitable groups is exceptional for the poor and needy, those described as less fortunate, down on their luck and other unpleasant situations. Luck is described as preparedness meeting opportunity.


There are lots of angles always under way. Think political disagreements have changed? The scratching is always to be first among equals. Winners can strut around babbling all sorts of words and phrases. Entering the unbending world of partisanship is a dog-eat-dog profession.


Politicos stir up all sorts of arguments and these wiles get attention while other public areas can make unnoticed rules and regulations.


Consider the shooting and killing of an intruder in the New York synagogue. It has taken a backseat to other newsy things like the alleged protestors around various cities, continued robberies and murders throughout the land, the university professor in New England fighting over a $4 restaurant tab, or the obnoxious heathen arguing about restaurant discounts to diners who “say grace” before gobbling meals. First time such legal action threatened a Deist owner. Once the television cameras are off, the atheist can be dismissed and told to sit down and shut up.


Don’t say it, yes, this may be harsh, but all this nonsense is getting old.


Those receiving the harsh end of the news love it as other major stories take precedence. An example is the business of legal but unpopular torturing of those who kill on battlefields or want to plant bombs all over to devastate Americans.


In this area of the Free State and the nation’s capital, it is no joke that security must be taken seriously. Fence jumpers and other intruders of the White House and other federal facilities are determined. Hugs and pleas to be nice simply don’t work dealing with the mentally ill and bad people of all stripes.


Who is going to come up with the successful plan to wipe out terrorists, particularly in the Mideast? Theories are nice, but in the real world this is no time for Marylanders to wring their hands and in their demeanor think the fanatics are just “like us.” No, friends, they are not like us.


A Frenchman said America’s great because America’s good. But this is no time to drop defenses. All this stuff about bad cops is bogus. Certainly there is always one or two who cross the lines. In the land of liberty and laws, a heckuva lot of coppers die yearly, many from responses to domestic disputes and from violators who don’t do what they are told.


Manners begin at home.


Crime, screwballs and disciplined and non-disciplined people make life difficult for everybody of all races, creeds and colors. Face the facts, people are never going to be the same or speak the same language. For the record, the official American tongue is E-n-g-l-i-s-h.


The question today, at least to this bureau, is how long is the present society going to keep putting up with troublemakers, killers, and general pains in the tochus at home and abroad?


There’s no denial that a current breed of charlatans is taking advantage of some social disarray with grievances, many perceived, many made up.


Overwhelmingly Marylanders and Americans are kind and generous. They want to keep communities safe and sound. The time will come when the good reds and blues in all of the 50 states, including commonwealths, stand up en masse. Knuckleheads and others who want to destroy the nation should watch out.


So, “with all respect” traditional values? Absolutely.


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