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December 9, 2014

Defeat of Blaine

Roy Meachum

Jan Gardner, the newly elected county executive, was quoted when the election went to her: “I’m really thrilled and appreciative that all Frederick County voters have trust in me.”


A week before the balloting it was not certain. Then Blaine Young, the president of the now defunct Board of County Commissioners, had much appeal; this column is exactly as advertised: Defeat of Blaine.


On the other hand, the son of the longtime Frederick mayor had he ever opened his mouth; we would remember the radio host, and the glad-hander goes with that persona. All in all, he modeled his father’s shadow. There were four Young boys; two of them stayed away from political careers. I don’t know them. But I’m more acquainted with Brad Young, who runs and wins a Board of Education seat – and Blaine.


The defeated politician is a Republican where the former mayor is a Democrat. I lean in that direction, left-wards. I supported Blaine on, although I was prepared to lose. I’ve known him since he was 13, sitting on a seat – with his mother, Carol – at Winchester Hall.


He’s harder knocks. His colleagues sat him on the Planning Commission for the next five years; it’s being interpreted as he can’t get away from Winchester Hall business, and adversely. My best advice: leave politics! At least for years! Blaine will know when the time runs out.


At 86, I will not last infinitely. Let it rest for what it takes. Down from heaven or up from the other, darker place, I’ll let him know.


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