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December 5, 2014

Rodney King Remembered

Roy Meachum

The latest scoop – if you missed all the news – is the police are mulling over charges against the Ferguson victim’s stepfather: Louis Head no doubt is guilty of intemperate remarks when the grand jury did not charge Officer Darren Wilson, the killer of Michael Brown.


Forget it! The only certainty is public disturbances. Not only in St. Louis County, which contains Ferguson, but a number of communities reflected Mr. Head’s charge to “burn this bitch down:” Los Angeles, New York and going on to Portland, Oregon. (I’ve heard of plans including Frederick.)


Forget it altogether! Unless, of course, you are prepared for greater riots than happened in the aftermath of the Rodney King incident a few years ago. Earlier, Mr. King had nothing to do with it – otherwise driving in a “high state,” because of booze and “pot.” Mr. Wilson was not “suffering” in that state.


From a point of view outside the black community, it was homicide – pure and simple. Why the grand jury would not charge name Mr. Wilson as a killer baffles me? You’d find me at demonstration downtown – except as hard as I listened, I couldn’t find one. A demonstration?


Too many officers hide behind their shields, you can’t find them – unless you read as much as I do. From New York to slimmest village, I face the reality every morning. The biggest city stands behind the police the tightest; places like Frederick back the stars on the shirt as neighbors.


There’s no way you can escape; notices appear in The Frederick News-Post of people refusing to show up in courts. When they do, they’re handed a grand jury verdict: Absolving police.


At least Darren Wilson resigned; there’s a certain justice in that.


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