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December 2, 2014

Not in Frederick

Roy Meachum

Sometimes you’re a businessman going into Black Friday, expecting money to push you ahead for the year, it can turn into Freaky Friday; stores from Washington State, including Seattle, reported mixed sales. It might have been better if Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson resigned before the memorable day.


Mr. Wilson quit sometimes over the weekend. The damages were already done. Unfortunately, black ink has turned into dust; where were the City Fathers going to get a fresh supply in the communities?


Otherwise nothing happened: one hundred died in a Syrian mosque and Hosni Mubarak was set free, together with his eldest sons. He was the conspirator beyond the murder of Anwar Sadat, or so I thought at the time. Mr. Sadat came off a particular summer, dismissing one and promoting zilch. For example, he had fired the head of the Christians, Shenudah; the pope of the Coptic Church at the time. (Coptics rely on the certain names.)


To prove his independence, he told M. Hassanein Heykal, the favorite journalist of what passes as the Egyptian George Washington to stay home; Gamal Abdel Nasser had destroyed the centuries of monarchs. When I was there, nothing could be said in the memory of the republican founder.


Within the last month, disasters have struck Japan and Taiwan. Of course, it’s typhoon season; not comparable to our annual snowfall, which can be sticky at times.


The thesis “Not in Frederick” doesn’t apply. To my apartment there is grafted on a balcony. I haven’t been out since I moved here. In the building, no children are allowed.


Pity, as I’ve said before.


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