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As Long as We Remember...

November 28, 2014

Curious Timing

Roy Meachum

The announcement came at Thanksgiving week, when news is lazing. Furthermore, there are suspicions of that timing that are true.


The news of what the Ferguson (MO) grand jury said, in the question of Michael Brown’s death, was all about Darren Wilson, the killer. Mr. Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, didn’t believe any of the cop’s stories; she rejected them out of hand, including the cause of the son’s demise. She thought Policeman Wilson was lying. In summary, she surmised he “thought to kill someone.”


She protested the accounts of her son’s behavior around law enforcement people. She had many occasions to measure him. Being a “gentle giant” – although over six feet tall and weighed almost 300 pounds – Michael Brown was polite to everyone, his mother said. I’ve written before about the Border States; how racism is alive there. I was stationed in Camp Crowder in Missouri after I enlisted in the Army.


Being Louisiana-bred, I’m more familiar with the Deep South’s attitude toward African Americans. But I was astonished in the Border States’ general approach to race. Although they’ve become accustomed by thousands of Latinos swarming in; I still maintain that we’re more accustomed in the Deep South to “furiners.”


And I don’t mean New Orleans, where I grew up.


It was “curious timing” that brought Marion Barry back in the news: He died. He brought tumbling images; and the Georgetown residence where I saw him in the lounge suit, making polite noises to everyone. Sure as certain, he was elected mayor in the next election – over Walter Washington. Walter had seemed the head of the District forever.


One Saturday I met Marion, the event organized by Rufus “Catfish” Mayfield and I can’t remember the third leader – although I bumped into him in Russia. In the meanwhile, he joined the Duke University as a faculty member. Rufus had drunk the nights away. Mr. Barry grabbed the headlines – including for smoking crack.


In any event, the event organized, Washingtonians would like the vote. At the distressing climax, the WTOP-TV crew couldn’t find one of the three, especially Marion Barry and “Catfish” Mayfield. The only one acknowledging the failure was the Duke University faculty member.


Marion went to higher heights. Notice how the plaudits poured out at any mention of his name. They were right. Walter Washington and I attended the rites of Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle; he seemed great. We rose to the hugging and kissing – at the ceremony.


Meanwhile, the explosions will simmer down from decisions made in Ferguson, Missouri; they always have. Depending on Darren Wilson’s moment in the news, I suggest he move on. It’s rough from here on.


But the Border States have an idol.


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