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November 26, 2014

Slaves to the State and/or Federal Government?

Cindy A. Rose

Represented or ruled? Which do you feel? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have to get permission from government for the silliest of things.


“My Lord, may I have a sugary beverage?” “My Lord, may I buy this healthcare plan?” “My Lord, may I buy “this Redskins Jersey?” “My Lord, may I serve this corn in the school cafeteria?” (Psst, they limit the number of days children can eat corn.)


This one: “My Lord, may I have permission to refuse my severely developmentally delayed child from taking a cruel and abusive test that treats him like a trained monkey?” This one sent me over the edge.


What the public really, really needs to be aware of is YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION. The state assessments exist so that schools and teachers are accountable to the PARENTS, not so “our children” are made accountable to the state or our schools. Period!


If you are comfortable with the accountability being from your child’s teacher via report cards and conferences, then say “no” to the state assessments. Those assessments compare children to their peers in other counties and states. It’s not about “your” child, but about how your child “measures up” to others. If your child had a bad day, or just doesn’t “test” well, those assessments give a false impression of your child – good or bad. They are no more than a snap shot in time. How would you like to be measured and judged, and have your teacher judged, on your worst day?


If you want to participate, fine. I don’t want to participate. I don’t care how my child compares to another child in Butte, Montana, or even Pylesville, Maryland. I care how my child today compares to my child last week or the week before.


Most of the time I have faith in the teacher in the classroom and his or her teaching skills. When I don’t, I ask for a conference. It’s between me, my child and my school; not between me, my child, the school, the state, Arne Duncan, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdock and a host of other people I couldn’t care less about. These are people who think I’m too stupid to make my own decisions.


That we’ve handed over the responsibility of education to “for profit” entities should scare the skin off you. That we have to seek permission for the snacks in our vending machines – let me repeat that – we have to get “permission” for the SNACKS in our vending machines – that should scare you into a puddle of sticky goo. It’s NOT OKAY. Stop letting others convince you it is.


Wake up people! You are NOT the property of the State of Maryland or the federal government. Why do we sit back and allow perfect strangers to decide what happens? We’re teaching our children by example that they should unquestioningly submit to authority.


That’s what the Youth Risk Behavior Survey does. It may not be its intention, but in effect it says to the student: “We’re the government. It’s all good.” The student learns obedience to authority. We should never be okay letting our children feel or believe they are “ruled.”


When did parents become comfortable with allowing others to be the designers of our children’s destinies?


I know our lives are busy. The ruling class counts on that to facilitate its slow erosion of the belief in “we” are the writers of our life stories. We have to stop it now before it’s too late to turn back. Self-rule is hard, but it beats the alternative of requesting permission from the state for the simplest things like skim milk over whole milk. That’s what we’ve devolved into.


When we willingly give up that which is ours to keep, eventually they stop asking and start taking. They have us where they want us. The worry now should be: what will they come for next?


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