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November 11, 2014

Donít Be Distracted

Roy Meachum

Marylanders one week ago elected a Republican governor; the same thing happened all over the country. The mid-terms have sliced back Barack Obama from his presidential powers.


The GOP served notice that they’re going to sabotage what they called Obamacare, on the basis of socialism. Republicans do not care for any individual man, woman or child to have hospitalization insurance; it rivals programs available from private businesses. There’s the rub: Profits.


Having gone recently from government subsidies to private business, I feel competent to assess the economies; six months ago they were going my way. I had a reverse mortgage that paid for itself and $6,000 in the bank. I opted to move to the town that my oldest child lives nearby.


All of sudden, I faced about $3,000 in payments for monthly rent; on a condition that the house on North Market Street would sell. I don’t blame anyone except my fallacious reasoning. The market has changed. Two years ago my residence would sell at the asking price. But deflation has come through the market; I was surprised. I read the Frederick News-Post newspaper daily. Still I was astonished.


On top of a fall that leaves me incapacitated; I have trouble mentally. I mumble all the while; sometimes I shout out with words that make no sense. Thank God, I am able to write. Settling behind the computer, I settle down – with no distractions. My language still seems to flow.


At the computer, not in conversations.


My friends might be surprised at the change in me. Properly. This is done!


In about a week I move into an apartment that promises I can settle down – and completely.


Thank God, I repeat.


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