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November 7, 2014

Empire State Building Goes Red

Roy Meachum

You might not have noticed: The most famous skyscraper turned red, because of the Republican victory last Tuesday, and it maintained roseate Wednesday – where King Kong danced.


Back in Frederick, Republican Blaine Young ceded to Jan Gardner of the donkey persuasion. In other words, he didn’t finish the project he started, wielding the power as county executive. It seemed so simple. In Winchester Hall, there was hardly a murmur for the past four years – bowing to commissioners President Young in all kinds of directions.


A friend of mine dropped a note for his personal ambition; she cautioned “silence” for the coming months. Meanwhile, his father, stepmom and brother were elected Tuesday – to the state Senate, as a delegate in Annapolis and to the Frederick County Board of Education. We heard sufficiently how Blaine got the commissions elected four years ago – not this time.


It was a GOP victory, all over the nation, which is why the Empire State Building received the red accents. I’ve never heard of that before. But it was special. I’ve been in Larry Hogan’s kitchen. In that atmosphere, things remained democratic. My fear spit-out is the right-wing. I fear with radical support that the Republicans turn radical. Listen up: it’s happened before.


Now he’s going to be Governor Hogan. I pray for the next four years he won’t change. National Socialist German Workers Party, under Hitler, became the Nazi Party. They went to prosecute my fellow liberals, not mention the Jews. They made Germany a hell of a country on earth. I remember World War II. America escaped alive. But we had internment camps for the Japanese.


So naturally I worry about Maryland; I see signs of strange acting; most of all, not voting for Anthony Brown. Of course, he came to us with Harvard degrees and a colonel’s commission in the Army. Of course, I’m praying Marylanders didn’t vote against him because of racist inequality.


As the last state that remained Unionist along the Atlantic seaboard, my fears have validity. To the South, there was a lot of whipping in the old Confederacy. I’m from Louisiana. Born and bred there – Mississippi is the closest neighbor. Did you know how the neighbor conducted themselves during the 50’s and 60’s? Reprehensible!


The son of a politician defeated Anthony Brown.


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