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November 6, 2014

Righting the Ship of State

Harry M. Covert

There is no such thing as a morning after pill for election results. Life goes on. For a while the general public may have a short respite before the next cycle invades daily stresses and strains.


A question arises: Will the ship be righted? Another question is: Can the ship be straightened?


Maybe time has arrived to turn off news purveyors. Seems like the people really knew all the facts and took to heart that old admonition, enough is enough.


It’s easy as pie to figure out the trauma. The world is going to “Hell in a hand basket.” There is a “fiddler-n-chief” not even strumming pleasing strings. There have been an over-whelming number of do-nothings more interested in scribbling in coloring books, usually reserved for not-of-age youngsters. They are officially called senators.


Let’s go back to the first Tuesday of this month, two days ago. A big and good old dose of “Black Draught” struck, and, sort of, cleaned out the building on Constitution Avenue. It was an evacuant for those who like to call themselves progressives. This latter word supposedly is proof they are good people, but they don’t do good for the 50 states.


In Maryland, the governor’s mansion got a good brisk scouring, too. The current occupant in Annapolis has been showing signs he’d like to be on the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He needs to be re-thinking this matter and consider the fact voters are wise to him.


People in Frederick County obviously had some different ideas. A conservative loyalty was somewhat confused. Conservatives supposedly believe in conserving. This may be a miscalculation not to be corrected for four years. Can the county risk the wait?


The circumambience of Frederick County with conservative ideas apparently has led the state. The matter of public safety apparently has caught the attention of those in Baltimore City and county and the new governor has a chance to clean up the messes.


Another of the campaign results is that law-and-order for Frederick and elsewhere is now more than a television show. This is not an academic or public education matter, but safety and call to put miscreants, the so-called “badass” characters, general criminals and wannabe jailbirds on notice. They will be caught, charged and face, let’s see, justice, no matter race, creed, color or religious persuasion. There are adequate correction houses, prisons and jails available to punish the criminals. Everybody makes mistakes they say, but there is always a payday and “not always on Fridays.”


What the heck is wrong with doing right? Gentle hearts, the answer was heard loud and clear on the county.


Running up to the first of December, there will be some alterations in county management. The structure will be under close scrutiny as charter government takes over. Wagers will be out there for how long it will take to see the smiles turn to frowns to anger, resentment and mistrust.


Probably won’t take long, but that’s the way it becomes when left-wingers and their opposites attempt to make peace.


The next few years will be interesting, entertaining and include the same old charges and counter-charges. Does the ship of state need some correction? Stay tuned and take a few weeks rest.


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