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November 4, 2014

Electionís Day

Roy Meachum

Having printed “Election’s Day,” I’ll leave the subject way behind. There’s nothing to celebrate when you mark the voting ballot. The run-up to this date is very, very discouraging.


Democracy has been battered around; the individuals who declared their candidacies are lost. This goes for the governor’s race, all the way to the dogcatcher. I half-expected to read the torturous path to Lawrence Hogan has overcome the black vote, to be anointed as Maryland’s chief executive. On the other hand, Anthony Brown, despite the threat of racial wars, has lost; this may not be fair.


What happens to the Ferguson spirit? A long-way from Missouri it dissipates over the distances from Maryland. But hold on, there is a likely coincidence between the situations in Frederick’s neighborhoods and the “Show Me” state. Desperation has not settled yet.


Blaine Young has come up with the county executive alignment; Jan Gardner’s dealing with minutia. Will she take the idea and run with it? How does this work? Demote the city’s aldermen to delegates to witness Mr. Young’s triumphant notion?  How does that sit with her?


As recently, as yesterday’s Frederick News-Post, Scott Rolle makes a bid for Judge Danny O’Conner’s seat. Had the Republican governor won the chair, then I would be talking of Rolle’s seat. Depends on how Tuesday’s election goes.


Out of Frederick, I presume most candidates are Republican, including Kathy Afzali; she deserves a beating and I wish I could give it to her, all by myself. She’s so phony! On the other hand, I admire Del. Kelly Schultz; it’s not for her looks, but I see something intellectual and pragmatic to her.


Ron Young for state Senate; I agree with that; I don’t support Michael Hough for the same chamber. Mr. Hough has replaced state Sen. Alex Mooney with the same cash and muscles travelling along. Understand, I offer hopelessness for the office.


Singing about the sad truth, this is how tomorrow shapes up.


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