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As Long as We Remember...

November 3, 2014

Whatever Else You Do Tomorrow VOTE!

Blaine R. Young

As I imagine you have heard by now, we have an election coming up tomorrow. I believe this to be one of the most important elections, if not the most important, in the State of Maryland in my lifetime.


We have a decision to make as a county and a state as to how we move forward from here. Do we make the tough decisions necessary to keep our fiscal house in order, or do we slip back into the tax and spend ways of the past. Regardless of how you feel about this election, the main message I want to convey today is PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


Six months ago the prevailing wisdom, as touted by the liberal mainstream media, was that the governor’s race was already over. Anthony Brown, after his win in the primary, was to be crowned to continue the disastrous economic policy of Martin O’Malley over the last eight years. The Republican candidate was barely even mentioned.


That has all changed now. Larry Hogan has made a race of it; and, by the most recent polling, he’s in a virtual dead heat for the governor’s office. I know Larry very well, and I believe he will make an outstanding governor.


I have tried to remember the last time Maryland had an actual businessman in the governor’s office. I can’t. Maryland has some stiff head winds in the future financially; and, with Larry’s background not only in business but in government, he is far and away the best candidate to guide us into the future. I am supporting Larry Hogan with all my heart and soul for governor, and I hope you agree with me. But even if you don’t, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


I have known Michael Hough for many years. He is a consistent, intelligent and solid voice for conservatives in our part of the state. Michael Hough deserves the promotion to state Senate. If you agree with me or not, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


As you might expect, I prefer the Republicans in the House of Delegates races to the Democrats. We have enough Democrats in Annapolis, and I don’t think we need to be sending tax and spend liberals from this part of the state down there. But again, it is most important that you PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


Our new form of county government starts in December. We will have a seven-person county council, with five representing individual districts and two at-large.


Once again, I prefer the Republicans to the Democrats who are running for county council. Each of them has stated on the campaign trail that they will keep a close eye on county spending, and put the taxpayers first. We need to continue the current policies of the Board of County Commissioners and hold the lid on new spending. So, if you agree with me, or even if you don’t, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


I think financial issues in Frederick County, and in Maryland, are far and away the biggest issues over the next four years. So, if you agree with me, or even if you don’t, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


As you might have surmised by now, the main message of this column is to PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE.


See you at the polls.


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