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October 28, 2014

Seen Nothing

Roy Meachum

A week from today, we hold our elections. I’ve “seen nothing” that political judges can “nix,” which directly comes from German “nichts” – nothing.” All during the campaigns, except the run for county executive, I have expected Sturm und Drang.


That was my personal view.


The real “storm and stress” came through in the primaries. State Sen. David Brinkley was overturned in favor of Michael Hough; I didn’t see it coming. On the other hand, Mr. Hough might be considered a student of Alex Mooney. Speak softly and have your money in hand. Ex-Senator Mooney had the Brinkley-Hough race in mind. He’s handed West Virginia his brand. He knows the state next door to Maryland.


Ron Young has Mr. Mooney’s seat in Annapolis; the long-term Frederick mayor knows enough to punish the new politicians for getting out of line. His wife is running for delegate in the city after losing out in last years’ mayoral contest.


The “race” I talked about in the opening is between Blaine Young and Jan Gardner. County executive in Frederick has never existed before this election. Naturally Mr. Young has designed the job to apply to him. Representing the county’s Democrats and her interested in the job, Ms. Gardner has applied her many characteristics to the never-existed position.


A week away the job comes up for taxpayers’ approval: This is where the tires hit the road. Tuesday I’d expect the Republican or the Democratic candidate to conduct the normal business; Wednesday he/she will have unbelievable powers over the Frederick voters. I don’t make a mistake.


I know, I know, Blaine is stretched between the teen-ager I met with his mother in Winchester Hall. He’s grown up. He’s made mistakes. I was fortunate meeting him when his father coasted to an easy win. I long ago accepted that.


In the current race, Blaine has let his guard down; his tussle with basketball official serves as an example. I don’t like what he’s done with the retirement and long care Montevue/Citizens buildings. Turning them over to a private corporation still grates me, as I grow older.


Trouble started with Jan Gardner, when I wrote several columns about her reduction to a weepy condition under fellow commissioner John Thompson. I don’t believe she would stand up as well to the spears and hatchets of county executive. I don’t believe she left Sen. Barbara Mikulski with full knowledge of the situation that she’s stepping into.


Oh, well, as I informed you, this political race is something that mattered.


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