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As Long as We Remember...

October 28, 2014

Asleep at the Wheel

Harry M. Covert

When major news events capture the public attention, it is the time politicians can usually get away with fooling the public and their constituents. Insidious things usually happen and the trusting lambs aren’t any the wiser.


For example: while eyes have been on terrorist activities, threats on constitutional guarantees continue to slip into society.


Case in point comes from Texas where the mayor of Houston, a same-sex married lesbian came up with the idea to subpoena all preachers who deliver sermons decrying the lifestyle.


Locally, those in the pulpits apparently have been too busy to pay attention to the creeping assault on the religious liberty of all denominations.


The business and teaching of “turning other cheek” continues to get out of hand, way out of hand and without question an omen of things coming.


There is no doubt the mugging of Christian beliefs will be the next battleground in society.


The Houston political leader, in office since 2010, along with her legal team, came up with the idea to halt any preaching and teaching of what is described in many churches as reprobate lifestyles. This is the LGBT stuff, covering lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


On the local front, this is probably not a pleasant discussion today. The general society is almost becoming immune to forcibly accepting such new societal mores.


I’m reminded of the frog story. An amphibian is dropped into a pan of water and slowly and surely the heat increases. The frog is boiled before it realizes what is happening.


This is what’s happening to society today where deplorable changes are suddenly law.


Yes, the arguments arise. “Why can’t people love who they want?” The business of alternate lifestyles roils traditional society and now it seems like nothing can be done to stop it.


But, the idea is unthinkable that a public figure, members of an elected council, daring to intimidate priests, vicars, rectors, and evangelical pastors of all stripes.


Imagine the reaction locally if subpoenas were delivered to the religious community for all sermons and writings dealing with opposition to the LGBT rights and privileges.


If anything, today the evangelicals of all denominations, the liturgical churches, the Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventists, Amish, foot-washing Baptists, southern Methodists, and rabbis would, I hope, stand together and resist the illegal intrusion into the fundamental right to preach and teach their faiths. Did someone mention separation of church and state?


Process servers would undoubtedly have a hard time delivering the legal documents. This is a call that another attack is sneaking in on civil liberties, cherished and guaranteed in Maryland and throughout the nation.


I have known and know many members of the Cloth. Such travesty, if ever introduced in Maryland would create a civil disobedience and knock-down-drag-out battles not seen since the Revolution, Gettysburg or the Sixties.


Preachers of the Gospel would have a field day enlisting their congregations to finally stand up and take charge.


Frankly, political leaders could learn some lessons from the clergy they want to terrorize and shock.


Not all members of the clergy are wimpy, weak-kneed or “so heavenly-minded that they’re no earthly good.” It would be fun to watch subpoena deliverers visit an Amish community, or a fundamentalist Baptist pastor, or snake-handlers in West Virginia, or Jehovah Witnesses.


This whole business of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights has gotten out of hand. No citizen apparently wants to be bothered with all of the challenges until his or her ox is gored. Has the nation changed?


Think for a moment. We don’t want Frederick County to become a “morondom.” The battle cry is beating. Pulpits should be loud and clear. “All are welcome, come on in.” The Scripture warns, “Woe to them that preach not the Gospel.” This means the “called” must be bold and tell the truth.


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