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October 24, 2014

Tyrannical Actions Invading Our Nation

Joe Charlebois

Tyranny is defined as “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.” Most Americans cannot comprehend or would not accept the idea that we could ever live under a tyrannical government. Little do those Americans realize – we already do.


Federal Government


The Affordable Care Act, which mandates that employers offer contraceptives and abortifacients in their healthcare plans, has forced both non-profit religious organizations and religiously focused for-profit corporations to pay for procedures and pharmaceuticals that they truly believe ends a human life. Many religious groups and closely-held for-profit corporations have filed suit against the federal government stating that it goes against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).


As a “compromise” the Obama Administration offered these institutions a way out. They proposed that in the instance that an institution refused to offer the contraceptives and abortifacients they would simply have a Third Party Administrator do it for them. In essence they were offering the religious parties a way to wash their hands of providing objectionable coverage by looking the other way.


The Courts


The Executive Branch isn’t the only place where tyranny can hail from. The courts have instituted their own form of tyranny in their dismissal of lawfully passed bills and constitutional amendments.


Many of these bills were passed by a super majority or were ratified in state constitutions. I refer to same-sex marriage legislation and state constitutional amendments that banned same-sex marriages, or defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. The courts have effectively torn up hundreds of years of precedent to appease the militant left.


To date, only 12 states have passed legislation that approves of same-sex marriages – California, Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland, Washington, New York, the District of Columbia, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont. Thirty-four states, however, are required to perform same-sex marriages under legal decisions. The courts – more specifically a very small number of men and women in black robes – have determined that what was completely constitutional for over 300 million Americans just a few years ago is now somehow unconstitutional.


State and Local Jurisdictions


Christian business owners across the country are being sued by gay couples for refusing to provide services or their establishment for a same-sex couple’s marriage.


The Inne of Abingtons in Pennsylvania was sued by a heterosexual couple when the Inne refused to host a gay couples wedding.


In Oregon Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Since that time the couple filed a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industries citing discrimination. The Kleins were then the targets of picketing, protests and even threats to them individually.  Their business partners were threatened with the same actions if they continued to do business with their bakery. This eventually led to the store closing. Even though the Kleins hold deeply religious beliefs and regard marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman, the State of Oregon refuses to accept their rationale. Instead the state will move to a “period of reconciliation” where they will attempt to “rehabilitate” the Kleins


Attempts to stifle public dissent in the City of Houston (Texas) have revealed one of the most obvious abuses of power in recent memory. Shortly after passage of a same-sex accommodations bill – “bathroom bill” – the public rallied to have the city repeal the ordinance or allow it to become a ballot initiative. The petitioners provided three times the needed signatures to call for an initiative to be put on the ballot. The City Secretary then certified the petition as sufficient. Mayor Annise Parker and the City Attorney stepped in to deny the petition by rejecting its certification. The mayor’s legal team then in retaliation against those supporting the initiative subpoenaed Houston area ministers requesting the text of their sermons and other communications they may have had with those supporting the initiative.


Now the indefensible has occurred. As I predicted in previous columns, the legalization of same-sex marriages would eventually lead to the heavy hand of government forcing religious leaders to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies as has happened in Idaho.


There are too many other examples of this type of tyrannical behavior – behavior that seeks to control the population through intimidation, threats of legal action, overturning laws and constitutional amendments – to be named here.


There are Americans who realize that there is ever encroaching tyranny underway, but their ability to fight is minimized by the power of the state, the judiciary, and mob mentality. Power needs to be restored to the people and at this point it can only be done through Article V of the U.S. Constitution.


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