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October 23, 2014

Enola Gay, and Inshallah

Harry M. Covert

The sample ballot has arrived. I’ve checked it twice and thrice. Don’t need any campaign material to help me decide, or more instructions as to how to make my voice heard. I might vote early to avoid the rush in two weeks.


Smack in the middle of my deliberations, the news bulletin broke my concentration. Terrorists struck north of the border. Another example of why North Americans must pay attention. Free societies are under attack.


Yes, as any historian worth his or her keyboard knows, World War III is well under way. I’m repeating myself, gentle reader, but facts are facts; and there is fear to fear. Again, stress, dread and fright are on the coming menu.


Things bring around the question: are our local leaders safe from the gutless threats? Think about “sleepers,” who may well be in Frederick County. Don’t interrupt me now and say I’m fear mongering.


Sure wish my concealed carry permit was valid in Maryland. Always feel a bit naked walking around the streets minus my five-shot chief’s special with hollow point bullets. I do possess a nice automatic .9mm.


Don’t think for a moment that local leaders aren’t aware of security precautions. They always have plans prepared and the option to jump into action. Hopefully such emergency won’t arise, but they are, thankfully, ready and able.


As the coming election nears, I wonder how safe it is for elected leaders to conduct public meetings. Out of necessity, I know the county courtrooms have the best security.


The Canadian shootings of yesterday caused me great concern for Winchester Hall lawmakers and leaders. Since challenging candidates usually babble on about non-issues and name-calling, it’s not nonsense for public concern.


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins soothed my concerns. His Frederick County deputies are well trained in personal and VIP protection. They are called on more often than not to join-in to protect POTUS when he visits Camp David


“We very often provide security for BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) and other public meetings,” he said. Rules say the protection comes when a BOCC member (mostly Commissioner Young) makes a request through the county manager. Also, when a highly charged topic is scheduled, or if Sheriff Jenkins feels a potential problem may arise.


Deputies wear the uniform of the day, sometimes a softer uniform, again depending on circumstances of the meeting and sometimes the location.


Other law enforcement experts have similar concerns. These leaders know lots about public safety: Charlie Smith, the outstanding state’s attorney; Dan Bongino, the congressional candidate and former Secret Service agent; Judge Danny O’Connor; Judge Cleopatra Campbell; Commissioner Young; Commissioner Kirby Delauter and Commissioner Billy Shreve.


There’s more to battling terrorists and other criminals. Deputies and police officers must write traffic tickets, pick up juvenile delinquents (this is still an excellent description of criminal teenagers; brats is a good one, too); shoplifters and drunk drivers.


Hopefully the day won’t come when permanent deputies are assigned to every public session of the commissioners/council and education board settings.


Today’s terrorists aren’t goose steppers. They are wannabes who like to use a religion to kill and maim. From this quarter they’re going to be destroyed as soon as people say “enough is enough.”


Or, better yet, Enola Gay, Enola Gay, and Inshallah.



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