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October 21, 2014

No Profligate Spender, Please

Harry M. Covert

It is good in the political arena to always stand for better policing, better education, better money-handling, better government, better this and better that. Actually the same-o same-o is always the battle cry of the outs. And, the outs always like to take advantage of amnesia of the citizenry. Let’s be nice here, and call it the forgetfulness of voters.


Is everybody better off now than a few years ago? Good question Good rhetoric.


How often do we hear that the education for the kiddies is suffering? Good Lawd Almighty. The last time I checked the teachers of the modern times are still teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. There is plenty of un- teaching of real history, lots of revisionism. The classrooms still need to learn that Jamestown landings did happen. The settlers did come across the Atlantic for religious freedom and new lives. Maryland’s John Hanson was the first president, really, of the United States. A good trivia question.


There are all sorts of historical events that led to the creation of the 13 colonies then the individual states.


Don’t forget math classes: one+one still equals two. The square root of pi is 1.777245. I know the joke from the late great George “Goober” Lindsay. Fortunately we have Google.


Frustrating, perhaps, for most people is always hearing about improving education, less taxes, better police and ad nauseum.


Do politicians ever think the schools are doing pretty good and have for many, many years? The secondary schools do offer good science teaching, good writing classrooms, good music classes and marching bands, including good sports programs for girl and boys. The cafeterias are pretty good too.


The point here is the schools aren’t falling down, teachers’ salaries are pretty respectable, and law enforcement is rather efficient, too. If citizens, voters, and those who slide under the radar, simply do right, all is well throughout the county. When those arbitrary persons decide not to follow the law and be pains and disruptors in schools, public streets, and other public facilities, somebody has to take action. Most people are pretty worthy, but there is the lot always up to no good but wanting to lay about and try to rob the public treasury in some way.


Few residents actually keep notes on past candidates and officeholders. I can repeat the old saw, “out of the past the future.” Rather trite, of course, but true. I’ve never met the former president of the Board of County Commissioners and don’t need to do so. From readings of county documents and other material, Frederick County doesn’t need a profligate spender of taxpayer monies as county executive or on the new county council. No, no no, please. No more tax increases. No more loading up the county with jobs for old friends. Once a tax is created or increased there’s no going back.


Once the new charter government takes control, the county can live comfortably within its means. Stop all the aggravation that schools are falling apart, the past is exactly that, the past and “the good old days” are now.


It was rather pleasing to read where the current commissioners’ president uses his own postage stamps for the public business. He pays his own county travel expenses. May sound like a small thing, but this is a saving for taxpayers. He has been proper in using personal resources in his daily county endeavors. No, this doesn’t mean only people with good finances will run the government. It means good stewards are being good stewards for the betterment of everyone.


Maybe many people running the school system could improve it, but, in general, education isn’t too bad.


So, obliviousness is not a good thing, especially as the day nears, rapidly. Think for a moment as the world spins dangerously out of control and no one in Washington is in command, a good team is in place around these parts. The leadership is par excellence.


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