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October 14, 2014

Border States

Roy Meachum

We were one of those Border States during the Civil War. In Maryland’s situation, we were kept in the Union forcibly by bayonets. Since Washington was expected to lead the Republic. We had little choice.


People in the western parts of the state – and also the Eastern Shore – had little option. They were slave owners by necessity. In order to share various programs economically, they were forced to buy human beings. They shared this with Kentucky, Missouri and the southern parts of Illinois and Indiana; they’d rather be in the Confederacy. Their attitudes since 1865 and the bloody end of the Civil War hardly mirror the other states, not even Mississippi.


Having kept them in, the bastion of democracy didn’t know what to do with them. There’s a separate difficulty with the “Deep South.” As readers know, I’m from Louisiana; my eyes are blue. Many people of Border States don’t know anything when it comes to racism. They get it all wrong. The geographic properties were not “night-rider” friendly; they failed to learn from the Ku Klux Klan.


Over the weekend a story appeared in the vicinity of Ferguson, MO. Another young guy was shot to death by a white officer. He was armed and fired 25 shots; according to his parents, not so. In August, Michael Brown received six wounds; the only one that mattered was the shot through the top of his head.


The federal investigation in Ferguson centers on Darren Wilson, the policeman at the scene. The lasting crowd is convinced Mr. Wilson killed Mr. Brown who was unarmed. Over the last weekend Vonderrit Myers, Jr., received the same treatment; he is a black teenager exactly the age of Mr. Brown. The cop wears a white face. With an investigation due, you’d think the officer would not aggravate the thoughts, piling on memories about Mr. Brown.


That’s proof what I mean; the Border States dwell with their realities. To hell! They don’t care about racism. They live with blacks, according to their own personal code.


Maryland was ceremoniously dubbed a Border State in the 19th Century. We have pride in that – and the flaws. I once lived in St. Louis, having no reminisces about that city, political or not. I cannot imagine what stupidity takes place in the unfolding of the story about Michael Brown and Vonderrit Myers, Jr.


Two 18-years-old young men who wound up obviously in the wrong place and wrong circumstances.


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