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October 9, 2014

Good Lesson from a Solid Lineup

Harry M. Covert

Without any question or debate, baseball is the nation’s preeminent and favorite pastime. In our neck of the woods The Game has provided a season of joy, anticipation and thrills.


Along with this, the great nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Historical revisionists like to assert this is not true. Of course, they are wrong and more often than not, dead wrong. But, the blessings are innumerable and bring centuries-old example of what’s good. And right here in Frederick.


Years ago a Sunday school teacher was waxing eloquent about the truth of Holy Scriptures. For example King James the First had his trusted scribes record Moses’ first book, among others. The very first line in Genesis 1:1, “In the big inning God created…” I knew then the Book was true and accurate. Baseball was the duly and authorized sport and a Heavenly gift to all of us, believers or heathens.


This status was embellished by America’s Congress. Major league baseball’s legal status is tax exempt, so stretching the point it is a godly game and good for every community. The Congress in those days truly had a far-seeing attitude.


The original intent of this space today was to point out the political virtues of the combatants in the coming county-wide election. I will save the detailed conversation until some coming days. It does seem that incumbent Sheriff Chuck Jenkins could well be the largest vote-getter. Others on the scorecard will do well, too, if you’re counting the names of Commissioners’ President Blaine Young, Commissioner Kirby Delauter, Delegate Kelly Schulz, Judge Danny O’Connor, and State’s Attorney Charlie Smith. There are others to be mentioned in the lineup later. Too bad there aren’t some “pinch hitters” for the gubernatorial race and congressional seats.


Let’s face it, the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles have provided thrilling days and nights. Unfortunately the East Coast’s championship teams won’t be in a Beltway World Series. The Nats, nee Senators, were edged out in San Francisco two nights ago. The Orioles are in the run and will, just like Mr. Young, be victorious. They have the hitters and pitchers. Mr. Young is on his major league game.


With deference to Ernest Thayer, watching the Nationals-Giants game, I couldn’t help but recall the words of Casey at the Bat: “The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Nationals [Mudville] nine that day.” The second line is like this, “The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play.”


The actual score at the Bay was three-to-two. There’s no reason to read the rest of Mr. Thayer’s 1888 poem. “Mighty Casey” didn’t strike out. The Nationals just couldn’t hit the ball and could merely relish the performance of their phenom Bryce Harper. He hit a towering homer to bring the game close and, we must remember, close only counts in horseshoes – and grenades.


All of our pleas for Divine intervention now give over to Oriole Park at Camden Yards where Buck Showalter’s minions take on a team from Missouri – not the Ferguson Fanatics mind you – but the Kansas City Royals. I can report the professional odds-makers give the edge to the Orioles.


Similar to the local elections, bettors have the favorites as previously mentioned and also that the Orioles will be in the 2014 World Series. Since the Bible doesn’t specifically speak out against gambling or wagering, it does say something about “rendering unto Caesar,” so Fredericktonians can honor their state laws and place a dollar or two that the Charm City boys may offer the citizenry something a tad enhanced other than seafood. Crab sandwiches at Camden Yards, I might add, are rather scrumptious.


Lots of people have dual allegiances for the Nationals and Orioles. That’s okay. Elation over both teams has brought great conversations.


After the Nationals’ performance, next season is not too far away.


After the Orioles’ performance, the World Series is likely.


After the good batting of Young, Delauter, Jenkins, Schulz, O’Connor, Smith the county “is in good hands,” and the leadership is a powerful example for the rest of the state.


So, here endeth the lesson.


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