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October 7, 2014

Next Elections

Roy Meachum

The next elections come up three weeks from today. It’s interesting how the candidates performed: GOP filer for the governor’s race, Larry Hogan, will not share financials unless Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown does. They have been campaigning openly for about a year. I can’t believe that finances, his and his, have not arrived for public comment until recently.


Mr. Hogan is the loser. Mr. Brown, the winner in the sliver of the race. Of course, on color, the white championship settles in the Anne Arundel businessman’s neighborhood, right on his front steps. To his credit, he can put a claim to any racist statements.


The lieutenant governor’s face is brown, not black. He can attract the African Americans’ votes. I can’t imagine Larry Hogan getting down in the racism gutter. This is the time, the next three weeks, when sensing a loss, Mr. Hogan will make an appeal openly.


This is the time when Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has made a pitch for the all-but-committed adults. The sheriff made a front-page appeal for voters, by doing business as usual. You can’t pretend the heroin story has nothing to do with elections; he made The Frederick News-Post headlines detailing what must be campaign fodder.


If you have been absent for quite a spell, you read the above paragraph incredulously. When did a man I once praised ceaselessly get in my black book; Chuck Jenkins once criticized the hiring of deputies by Westover Mall, which contains Frederick’s movie theatres.


Ethan Saylor went to see “Zero Dark Thirty.” He wanted to view it a second time, except he had no money. Ethan has Down syndrome. When the aide assigned to him was fetching her car, leaving him quite alone, a confrontation occurred. Ethan respected anyone in uniform. I think Mr. Jenkins compromised allowing the deputies to be hired without the sheriff’s distinctive clothes.


Anyway, with the aide absent, the Regal Theatres’ employees called for the deputies turned watchmen. There were three of them. They did him in. Ethan was desperate to get away from them. Additional stories about the shooting by deputies in someone’s apartment and the misuse of their weapons, affected my opinion. I turned off Chuck Jenkins.


Ferguson, MO: There’s a racial confrontation, which has blacks and whites divided and fighting with each other. Tear gas. Full riot gear. Almost four weeks.


The Ferguson African American community believes Michael Brown received six shots from Officer Darren Wilson. In my childhood, such incidents happened, but I was raised under full segregation, except I grew up in New Orleans. The killing wound by Officer Wilson came through Mr. Brown’s head.


The story reminds me that parts of the South delayed, but the people of Ferguson retained, a common interest with parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia of my youth. The language is still the same. The great item is Officer Wilson’s not being fired; there is simply no gestures to the black community.




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