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October 3, 2014

Election Day Odds

Roy Meachum

A month from today the campaigns will be done; the voting posters worthless trash. That doesn’t mean the Tuesday morning. The county as a whole used to be Republican, meanwhile the city wound up Democrat. This has not changed.


In the days when James E. McClellan controlled the roost; he was a conservative Democrat, not interested in what’s going on. This is a state of mind. He escaped to Republicanism, the natural place for his sentiments and feelings. At the same time, former commissioner Anita Stup went to Annapolis; she found herself – what was for 1991 – beyond the GOP pale. She didn’t hate enough.


In Frederick County, we haven’t reached what is normal for Republicans, so I read. Democrats can’t make up their minds; local party members permitted the GOP mayor of Frederick to get re-elected. I’ve written before that it was the clash of Karen Lewis Young and Galen Clagett; the clash of political titans that lead to Mayor Randy McClement keeping the seat, as recently as last year.


Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown seems to hold the governorship in mind. I haven’t been in Mr. Brown’s house; the same way as in Republican Larry Hogan’s residence. I’ll respect the Afro-American power to influence the vote for the Democrats. If Frederick County was alone, Mr. Hogan might be able to pick up the top seat in Maryland.


My favorite politician, state Sen. David Brinkley, lost the county seniority and influence; Michael J. Hough seems able to grab the seat. Mr. Hough reminds me of former state Sen. Alex Mooney, which explains the seat. Mr. Mooney spread money around – and what was worse, the ideas formed on another plateau.


Mike Hough seems to spread ideas around; they sound like Mr. Mooney’s guff. Not because he won over Senator Brinkley, but because I don’t like him. Mr. Hough strikes me on the wrong note. Whatever.


The emotional crises came from the run of Jan Gardner against Blaine Young, for the county executive. She was a bulwark of power in Frederick, until working for Sen. Barbara Mikulski; she did all sorts of functions – none of it helpful for the county. Jan seemed to disappear from Winchester Hall. And indeed, she did. Absent for the senator’s business.


In the new form of the county government, a strange figure developed: Blaine Young – talk-jockey, part-time cab owner and various enterprises. I’ve `known him since he was 13. How old is he? It doesn’t matter now. Since he bowed as a city alderman, he’s aggravated since. I watched in wonderment when he made it up to the county by running for the board of commissioners. He’s intelligent, like his dad: Ron Young, who ran the city for 16 years. When I arrived, Mr. Young seemed to hold the title of “the mayor forever.”


Jan Gardner is going to make a run that is unbelievable. But the lady is going to lose. I blame that on the lack of motion she brought into this campaign – depending on what he’s doing. She might make me wrong.


Blaine Young figures to take the election – whatever the odds.


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