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October 1, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – As a person living in a Muslim country, I watched the rape, pillaging and murder by ISIS vandals in Northern Iraq and Syria. The vast expanses of desert they have taken over, really no one lives there except in tiny villages, leads one to believe they control vast quantise of land and resources.


A deranged Englishman, straight from the cockney slums, has also lent his hand in the beheading of three westerners which has lead to the American response, dragging five Arab nations with us. They seem to join us most reluctantly while the Europeans don't seem to come with us at all except for the rousing "go get'em guys."


Now we are playing "Whack a Mole," trying to pound into the ground the ISIS locations where we think their leaders are hiding. We have no idea of course. We just seem to aim and hope they are there. How could we know in that vast desert expanse?


ISIS, or ISIL if you prefer, seems to have a lot of recruits from around the world. But they are the losers, the dredges of Islamic society, who think they will get money and power by association. They are the frustrated hit men, the masses who can't find or hold a job and the really moral misfits of society. But, they do one thing very well and that's kill people.


Here in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur the capital to be exact, they arrested three people at the airport who were on their way to join the cowards in Syria and Iraq. I understand several others worldwide in various countries have also been seized for their belief in a "false jihad," the Malaysian paper calls it.


I am not going to get into the differences between the various sects of Islam and try to categorize them. Nor will I delve into the motivations of these people. It's simple. Just like the capitalists of the United States, it is the lust for power but only with a gun, a big one at that.


Here in Malaysian Borneo, the Islamic people are wonderful human beings who also detest the actions of a very, very few who call themselves Islamists, but who are really a band of rogues wandering the countryside with their flawed sense, if they had any sense, of righteousness. They are a deranged bunch of misfits who probably didn't want any part of the beheadings as performed by that tall British guy.


As of now, I really don't consider them Muslims at all. Yes, I have to arrange my schedule around the prayers but, other than that, they all seem to be as normal as you and me. We have birthday parties, weddings, funerals, something in which they recite so many verses of the Qur’an – which is like the Catholic confirmation –and other festivals. I don't look at them like the accumulation of desert dirt that calls itself ISIS and probably have another name for themselves. And, no, here the men don't wear the head gear of the Arabian nights.


Now we are drawn into another war much more sinister that the two we just left. Another game, flare of jets and series of bombs and the pictures of blown out buildings situated in the middle of some desert.


Maybe we should just call it quits; but, as President Barack Obama found out, who will stop them?


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