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September 30, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri, Again

Roy Meachum

The pre-World War II order lives in Missouri; it’s the worst of the social examples. Nothing has changed since December 1941. In part, the people can be blamed. The story in Ferguson remains the same: Protests leading up to arrests.


Meanwhile, the item in the news is how most of the 53 cops wear a motto: “I am Darren Wilson” attaching blame for the officer that actually killed Michael Brown. He was a teenager and blatantly unarmed. Furthermore, he was shot several times, including in the skull. Autopsy revealed this, including verdicts. The head shots did him in. In all there were six fired by Officer Wilson, two to the mechanism that controls the body.


My Deep South – I’m from Louisiana – frequently that section is cited having prejudice, but there are other states. Missouri was forbidden the Confederacy by Yankees’ bayonets. But I knew where the racial color lies strongest. Rural Missouri has a record, together with Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and North and South Carolinas. I don’t trust, away from the cities, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia.


Having been stationed at Camp Crowder, MO, I was not surprised when the story of Michael Brown broke. There are places when a white man or woman should be careful in stepping away from the car. The same applies to African Americans, Latinos and foreign-born.


Mr. Brown had his arms upward, in the universal gesture of surrender; that doesn’t apply to the racial encounters Officer Wilson knew. Or else, why does the situation smack of Black/White relations? And I can’t explain out of that context. The teenager had pot in his system; medical examiner agreed.


Darren Wilson was put on withdrawal. He was forbidden to contact the media: particularly, because of the brutality in this case. The six shots only measure the situation. When an officer goes about leisurely to kill a suspect, he must consider most the man’s guilt. Or am I speaking with non-cop logistics? Over the weekend, a policeman was shot in the arm by two suspects who managed to escape. What the officer did, we have no idea.


The Michael Brown case serves as a warning: we should never trust a cop’s version. Mr. Wilson thought he would earn the higher-up’s confidence. Both in the method and the person, he didn’t. A completely different story subsequently was manufactured by conservatives; they don’t rank African Americans, Latinos and foreign-born very highly.


Anyway, I’ve discovered the ending will get out.


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