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September 26, 2014

The Other Shoe Dropped

Roy Meachum

There was an announcement Wednesday that the Islamist State has been bombed, strafed and – in general – shot up.


Furthermore, the stories suggest the United States and France may be alone; also mentioned are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Qatar – to name the list that is participating. Great Britain is still pondering its “cuppa” tea.


The big surprise: Saudi Arabia is notoriously the big champion of Sunnis throughout the Muslim world. The Islamic State figures itself the Sunni-est. Days before the air-strikes’ arrival, the military factions insisted on the most traditional within in their parties; they delivered. The lack of Shiites – other parties, the largest is Ali’s; they have no role, except by definition.


Ali was the son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammad and harbored such tradition; he also married Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet, thus got blood in the right of succession. Once great battles were waged by Sunnis and Shiites; they raged all over the Middle East and provinces of India.


Pakistan broke off in the middle of last century. They cling together because of their common language: Urdu, the soldiers’ dialect wrought over the hundreds of years. Pakistanis are mostly Muslims. In the middle of the sub-continent, they are Hindus. I don’t have any patience for the failure to understand what stacks up as differences.


The land through Middle East bears little resemblance to Monday. In part, you must understand; the west sees the land differently. I belong to a small minority that travelled to Cairo and back again. I have nodding acquaintance with Arabic. I know the cassocks that men wore by day; they are similar to the priests’ dresses. I have a gallabaya on the shelf. I don’t care about Egyptians’ faith. They are mostly Muslims but retain strands of ancient Christianity.


M. Anwar el-Sadat broke my heart. He was the region’s leader I met first. I might be wrong. The Jordanian Prince Hussein I interviewed in a Roman hotel suite. This was in 1968; the year after the Six Days War. Israel set upon the trudging drain; it was to select one and another. The year I was to choose. Something fell apart. Well, it didn’t go wrong because the lack of connections; various verities seemed around. But that was the intriguing problem – past the truth.


My question today is why Barack Obama has to lead the Asian nations to war? I know there are great distractions. On Wednesday a French tourist lost his head. Pity! He had nothing to do with policy formulation in Paris this week. More than pity!!!


Old men pick the troops that stand at the merciless enemy.


Wie schade.


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