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September 19, 2014

Enuff, Arready

Roy Meachum

Don’t know about you, when the long introductory remarks about Joan Rivers showed up on my TV, I would switch channels. I’d had enough about the angry, angry Brooklyn yenta.


The plastic surgery did me in; Ms. Rivers had reached the level of inducing automatic laughter about Botox. I didn’t need that. She had a weird ending to life: something about the clinic gone wrong. The doctor responsible was fired. On the other hand, the physician administering the plastic filler-in got celebrated.


We’ve reached the sad end of the Roman era. The next thing I expected to see are stories about people who invented a form of suicide that let their blood directly into bathtubs while the spectators cheered. They became tired of it all. Something about Joan Rivers made me reminisce about that.


Life is cheap, while we talk about its preciousness.


Ferguson, MO, convinced me of that. Officer Darren Wilson saved the final shot; that was the one who took victim Michael Brown’s life, according to what we’re told. The policeman didn’t know of the black teen-ager’s life in his last half hour of his earthly existence. Nevertheless Mr. Wilson snuffed him out. Ms. Rivers took longer. She exited in a jolly atmosphere. Nobody knew she was playing for the Grim Reaper.


Being old enough so that I can recall the “comedian,” Botox obscured her and whatever plastic surgery she fancied. She was becoming bitter at the difference between her acceptances and designed herself to be. She was too old.


Sometimes, on camera, I caught, the woman taking a glance at her “work” – meaning the totality. She was never happy, although I studied her briefly. Ferguson, MO, is all about reality.


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made noises a week ago that he was calling a special investigator aiming at the civil rights Michael Brown lost. Meanwhile, there is a considerable commotion about the officer’s right to defend even after the assertions from the other side.


Ferguson, MO, is all about reality, as I said. You can’t compare this case to another since the Civil War. Among my circle, there is divided opinion. But pay attention, this is all about reality.


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