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September 18, 2014

Independence for West Maryland

Harry M. Covert

Lots of eyes are on Scottish voters today who will decide to break from Great Britain and go-it-alone as a separate country at the top of the British Isles – or not. Yes, many of the kilt wearers, those who attend the Kirks, the distillers of malts and promoters of the Loch Ness Monster are making the big decision.


For a fact, Prince Philip will remain the Duke of Edinburgh, pronounced Edinburrah, if the yesses carry the day. The latest polls, if believed, show 48 percent of the Highlanders say no, 44 percent nod the affirmative and eight percent haven’t decided.


Admittedly Scotland is a beautiful place. Its villages and towns are something to behold, considering the manufacturing of such things as golf clubs, visiting St. Andrews, Muirfield, Royal Toon, Carnoustic, tastings of Johnnie Walker beverages from red to black to gold to blue and platinum to mention a few. Dining around the Firth of Forth, avoiding haggis and black pudding but tasting cock-a-leekie soup. Glasgow, too, is a magnificent city.


Whether or not the independence movement succeeds the procedure could infect some areas known around Frederick City and county; Maryland; the federal city [District of Columbia]; and possibly other states north, the west and south and on the left coast.


Consider splitting the Maryland Free State where the flaming left-wingers seem to control Eastern Maryland. Perhaps the movement could begin for the merger of the non-federal area of the District of Columbia to Prince George’s County. Then from Frederick County west a creation of the State of West Maryland. East Maryland can keep the Eastern Shore.


This is not a crazy suggestion.


Ruminate on the immigration dilemma facing the Lone Star State. Let the Texans return to a Republic of Texas and annex a large part of Mexico. Think about it. It would be one of the largest and wealthiest countries in the world. Then move on to the Pacific Coast. There’s been considerable talk and this movement is growing to split California into two states, the conservative North and liberal South. Why not? Would save the east and middle west more tax money and the illegal invasions.


At the top of the continental United States, the lower portions of Canada’s Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces could apply for membership in their abutting states – Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota.


Here in the great state of West Maryland, there are lots of advantages. The historic cultures and cuisines of Baltimore, Annapolis and the Eastern Shore can continue their merry dangerous way of governing.


The booming economies in West Maryland can enjoy more and more of the horse business and other agrarian enterprises, including annexing Charles Town and keep the betting revenue, only having it flow to the State Capitol of Frederick.


In the overdue realigning of the eastern states, parts of Leesburg and Loudoun County could leave Virginia and enjoy life in West Maryland where a unicameral legislature could emerge; destructive crazies would not be allowed.


This is not as looney as some may think. The culture of West Maryland is something to behold. Beautiful hills and valleys, farm lands, downtowns that are quaint but successful with no-nonsense leaders who don’t kowtow to silliness and political wastrels.


There are several troublesome matters to consider. First would be how to move the Orioles from “Charm City” to Frederick. Others to ponder can come later.


In the meantime, consider the advice from a newspaper editor about 160 years ago, “go west young man … and grow with the country [state].” It is west in these parts. West Maryland has a nice ring to it.


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