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September 11, 2014

Look Out for ‘High Energy Objects’

Harry M. Covert

It is obvious now. No need to worry about any bad things happening. The way for everybody to get along is easy, merely just change reality – the everyday words being used and heard.


The airborne unit soaring over the Ukraine on July 17 was felled by a “high energy object.”


American individuals on tourism duty in Mesopotamia will be carrying miniature “high energy objects” in their visits and searches for any mosque-like missionaries.


Further, “peace protectors” from the western hemisphere will be likely wearing brogans and proper dungarees.


Please don’t quit looking over these words yet. All of the above can be explained.


Dutch aviation investigators were charged with examining the downing, the crashing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. Of the 298 passengers killed, two-thirds were Dutch citizens. The fatalities occurred in a Ukraine area controlled by pro-Russian separatists and these sophisticated fighters used “external” methods.


No official wants to offend anybody of course but, let’s face it, the Boeing 777 broke up in flight. Sure, it was a “high energy object” that did the job. The reality is it was a missile that brought down the $320.2 million airborne cylinder.


The “aeroplane” included three million parts from 500 worldwide suppliers. The biggest were General Electric (GE); Pratt & Whitney and London-listed Rolls Royce.


Obviously the passengers are still deceased. The Russians, despite denials, are perpetrators and responsible. The good people – the free peoples – have to lump it. The free world appears so scared it won’t just say a missile knocked out the airplane flying over territory the Russians want.


The phrase “boots on the ground” has become overused everywhere, and sends the wrong message. Nobody wants international conflagration but there has to be a halt, and United States forces are going to have to take immediate charge. The current occupant and his inept advisors down 270 Way must wake up before it is too late.


In Frederick, job descriptions, could include refuse engineers. They perform mighty well in their daily duties. They are wonderful in their recycling and trash maneuvers and a credit to every citizen.


Will Frederick’s leaders want to use the national pattern of weakness when the new charter government is elected? Gosh, I hope not. Certainly the voters aren’t going to be as innocent to choose a county council or state’s attorney, or judges on all levels who won’t defend residents.


The leaders must not just sit back and figure the international bad boys and girls will make amends, suddenly become good neighbors and “see the light.”


The evil growing by leaps and bounds worldwide is alarming. This is no time to change the American language, English. “High energy objects” are missiles, bullets, swords or bowie knives.


 “Refuse engineers” are garbage collectors.


Politicians and political wizards have carried too far the words that the world’s Arab problem is "Bush’s fault.” Actually, from a Biblical perspective its Abraham’s doing. Let’s not leave out Lucifer’s responsibility either.


A vigorous former vice president has said as recently as yesterday, a day before the 9/11 commemoration, Mr. O “wasn’t prepared for the terrorist threat.” And, he’s correct. Tragically, he’s a voice “in the wilderness” where the nation always has to be on the edge of disaster before any action is taken.


All of this is important to Frederick and neighbors. Seriously thought must be given to “sleepers” who may be around these parts waiting for the signal for another reprehensible 9/11.


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