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As Long as We Remember...

September 9, 2014

ISIL/ISIS Murderers are Gaining on Us

Harry M. Covert

The misanthropes of all sorts running wild throughout Arab nations must be stopped. Baseball fans will remember Leroy Paige, known as Satchel and a right-handed mounds man. He said "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." He didn’t pitch ever for the Frederick Keys.


In this present day and age, it has become rather curious that leaders “of a sorts” appear to be running for cover, avoiding taking a stand on what appears as a coming third World War. It’s one thing to be quiet and hope all will be okay in the morning. It’s another to watch an international criminal class creep into worldwide affairs to such an extent that it seems like 1939 or “déjà vu all over again.”


The murderers of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levanm) should be alarming to each and every resident of Frederick. They are not going away. Call them either ISIS or ISIL, just watch the advances through the Middle Eastern countries in rapid style. Ever wonder how the arms – guns and bullets – and military equipment, oil money and other violent items keep flowing?


There is a naïve feeling locally that law enforcement “of all sorts” should not receive military equipment to bolster local arsenals. Remember the Boy Scouts appropriate slogan – “Be Prepared.”


Old-timers will recall the shabby days of the Georgia peanut farmer, who figured kissing the enemy would solve all of the nation’s problems. Didn’t work. The nation’s military was in a sorry state and couldn’t rescue American hostages.


We can laugh today and use the disingenuous phrase, “déjà vu all over again.” History is repeating itself rapidly. In the friendly confines of Frederick, local elections are over-riding the international problems because many figure world terrorism won’t hit here; there is no danger from terrorists.


The gumnation emanating from leaders is terrifying. Gumnation is a perfect word for nonsense or ignorance or casuistry. Those supposedly leading appear more interested in figuring a way to criminally charge people for what they think rather than defend the American way of life.


No one wants World War III, but in reality it sure seems to be going on. It is not glamorous in any stretch of the imagination. Ask the participants of previous wars. It is not surprising for them to say war is on the horizon today unless and until immediate action is taken. Those who think the Russian leader is weak must think again. He is a big time wolf in sheep’s clothing and wants the USSR back like it was before it crumbled. Mr. Reagan said it.


In this week of remembrance of 9/11, it is time to be more prepared.


I recall the days before the movie star took over. The wimpy political leadership was an embarrassment and dangerous to the nation.


Tragically the nation is suffering today. The world is distressed. The question: Where are leaders who can reach the nation, set the record straight? There is a scarcity out there and the outlook is bleak.


Some 35 years ago Americans of all stripes awakened. Christians by the millions began to register, to speak up and to vote. Jerry Falwell, the Lynchburg, VA, pastor led the way to a bigger and better nation. The formation of the Moral Majority put the fear of the Almighty into lots of politicians and governmental structures. Really scared them. And, to any who may have been asleep, the weak-kneed crybabies saw a vast silent majority thunder to political rallies and the ballot boxes.


Such leadership is much needed today. As the Rev. Mr. Falwell said many times, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”


Good advice for the present time. November elections are on the horizon and the 2016 races are underway already.


I sure wish there were some motivating people out there.


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