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September 5, 2014

All the Other Fergusons

Roy Meachum

A policeman shot Michael Brown six times in Ferguson, MO, but he stayed alive until the cop’s final bullet struck his head. Officer Darren Wilson did it. I’m surprised. With a black president in the Oval Office, I assumed this country’s racial status was all straightened out.


How naïve!


Since Obama Barack’s retention of the White House began in 2009, I’ve noticed race relations have soured. While the headlines are on Ferguson, there are a number of trouble-spots, including stories from my native Louisiana. Funny, Attorney General Eric Holder is a fellow Afro- American. There are a number of instances when whites have called out the police under the guise of race riots.


The Army stationed me in Joplin; the services were segregated then and Missouri went along. I would like to report the city near Camp Crowder was an exception. In that corner of the state, there were prejudices against Negroes and Catholics, in 1946. I’d like to report the world has let the sunshine in.


Because of Ferguson, I’m afraid that the situation has little changed: big cities, yes; the countryside, no. In bigger metropolitan areas, they have the prejudices well hidden, under the sophistication that passes that marks them as contrast to smaller villages. Bias toward the colored, tan or black always tagged them.


Ferguson, MO, in this moment, poses as the ultimate racist capitol. I’ve known such places, but then I’ve lived long; fortunately, there are no such areas in Europe except imported. In the Middle East, the constant hammering of ideologies produces more: Shiites and Sunnis add to the brim of hostilities. Toss in Buddhists, you can figure there are many hours that riots charge the atmosphere.


Michael Brown, it was announced this week, has no guilty record; he’s completely blameless. The Missouri State Police came up with its finding. Yet he was shot anyway. To his death! Cop Wilson’s defense peters away – together with speculation about what the dead man’s deeds in his final hours. There’s no excuse for why he’s shot down.


Regardless, I suppose if you reach the final conclusion that there’s no excuse for the mindless executions: The United States bears the burden of hundreds a year slaughtered. Every year!


White Americans, I emphasize.


Guilty, guilty, guilty!


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