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August 29, 2014

What an Election!

Roy Meachum

There was a story in Wednesday’s Frederick News-Post about fundraising for the only election that matters: county executive. The sheriff’s race has come to matter; the mother of the Ethan Saylor wants anyone in, except Chuck Jenkins.


In the county executive shoot-out, Blaine Young managed to squirrel $227,000, while his opponent, Jan Gardner, came up with $31,962. He’s spent $130,000; she’s let go of $8,111. All in all, they have in the bank $201,270 and $89,260 respectively.


The squeaky-toy may have role in their encounter: Blaine makes a lot of noise while Jan mostly stays out in the cold. But their personalities dictate their parts. She’s a lady, not presumptuous. He attracts a lot of noise. No matter. I suppose the campaign will be dictated by their peculiarities. She can snap back at him.


The age-difference matters. While she is not long-in-tooth, Blaine will respect her. She’s had way more experience in government thinking and planning despite his noises. On the other hand, he’s one of the guys, which matters in daily business and confabbing.


Jan also has a branch of Republicans behind her; she counts on them. The whole world is not united behind Blaine. His fellow GOP members show a division that might hurt him. He has broad shoulders, but he cannot see every stratagem pointed at him.


On the other hand, while Frederick’s “good-old-guys” support him; certainly the county has wavered. One of his platforms: support Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, as a former Republican Central Committee chairman, that doesn’t give him a whole lot of strength – because of something unrelated to the office.


About the last time I peeked in, Chuck was irate at the Westover Promenade and its employment of deputies, as private guards. He managed to strip the guards of their uniforms. Yet sheriff’s men were hired by Westover.


Going to films every week, a part of my job to review them; I made note in columns of how the guards treated me. They were off-duty but not completely. They managed to put-me-in-my-place. One day they came up with a dead guy.


His name was Robert Ethan Saylor, 26; he had Down’s Syndrome. The question of how was he handled by off-duty deputies, employed by guards at the shopping center. When the movie theater called on the off-duty deputies, they made a botch. Anyway, something to do with their approach with him went awry.


Now Mrs. Patti Saylor, who was the victim’s mother, wants Chuck out. Together the incident combined with many instances, I’ve changed my writing about Sheriff Jenkins; more critical of him. Mr. Saylor’s mother is not alone in wanting Chuck defeated at the next election.


Anyhow, the voting comes on November 8.


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