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August 28, 2014

Kudos, Criticisms and Suggestions

Patricia A. Kelly

I’m with fellow columnist Harry Covert. I’ve joined his self-imposed summer election hiatus without even knowing it. My signs aren’t back up yet, not until the end of Labor Day. We definitely needed a break.


It’s not too early to discuss a few recent campaign-related articles and propaganda bits, though, and to make a few suggestions.


For The Frederick News-Post, kudos for providing your readers, including me, with fact checks on campaign literature. It’s a perfect role for my local newspaper, and I want to thank your staff for providing this service, and committing to absolute truth in your reporting. This will make my life so much better.


Lest you appear to be attempting to hound one candidate into an early grave, please address statements made by both candidates in the same story. A week is too long for our attention spans.


To Blaine Young, thanks for writing the letter to The Frederick News-Post regarding what you have learned about the “people” part of management. Some have taken this to be an opportunistic election season ploy, but I believe you. You were correct in your view of yourself. You have done what you were elected to do, and more, in terms of policies, programs and budget; but an essential component of leadership, that of building consensus, has not been your strong suit.


People’s lack of understanding of some of the issues that have plagued you was increased unfairly by your opponents, but you also failed to get the truth across.


My “favorite” comment regarding illegal immigration comes from a very liberal friend: “But what about the children? You have to put them in school.” Comments such as these, and those regarding the elderly in Montevue, the Head Start students, and local non-profits, tug at the heartstrings, but do nothing to address the real question we as a society need to answer, and that is: “What is the proper role of government?”


If properly addressed and publicized, people might “get” such concepts as the unfairness of our county government “donating” tax dollars to selected non-profits, and not to others. Perhaps the leaders could get that the funds from the sale of Montevue and Citizens, the second-last county-owned  assisted living or nursing facility in the state, could better be used in programs or tax relief that benefit all of the elderly or poor in our community. Even now, no one seems to get it that private insurance and Medicaid pay the patient bills at Citizens/Montevue, and Frederick County only picked up the substantial cost overruns.


You are so correct in thinking that people need to be heard, respected and informed. They won’t hear you if you don’t hear them. Help them avoid being taken in by sappy rhetoric.


Thanks for being open to personal growth, and for stepping up to the plate in the county executive race. We need someone who will keep us in the black.


To the press: Tell the truth. Your job is reporting, not finding salacious personal details to titillate the public. In the recent Ferguson, MO, tragedy, no one has a clue as to why police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown. Our society’s history of unfair and brutal treatment of people of color has turned a not-yet understood present day event into a firestorm.  That history is a huge bloodstain on our society, one that will never completely go away, but that history does not define the Ferguson event.


Racial inequities appear to exist there, and, if so, it should be fixed. Our society no longer tolerates that.


When James Foley, a Caucasian reporter, was so brutally beheaded by ISIS in Iraq, did any government official attend the funeral? Where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton then, not to mention Eric Holder, or better yet, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel?


You, the press, could help enormously with fairness, and thus, the healing of our society, by just doing your real job of reporting the actual news.


Ask yourselves, did your coverage encourage the arrival of outside agitators and shoplifters and looters in Ferguson?


Finally, to all candidates: Work damn hard to get your truth out without hateful, malicious lies and distortion. Remember the example of such true gentlemen as the late Sen. Charles ‘Mac’ Matthias, who could dine with his opponents in the evening, as respected friends.


Okay, it’s almost time. I’m taking a deep breath…game on!


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