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August 22, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri! Again!!!

Roy Meachum

In the first place, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was beyond race. Of course, the diagrams from the autopsies came to light detailing that Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Mr. Brown in various body locations, including the top of his head.


Officer Wilson fired out of fear as if the victim in this particular story might rise again. Mr. Brown stood six feet, brawny (294 lbs.) and he might have been quarrelsome. The cop disappeared after the shooting.


He managed to contact officials by Friday. Racist or not, Officer Wilson spent the last weekend avoiding journalists. As if he had committed a major sin as spelled out in the handbook, the police officer secreted himself. Aside, I don’t believe his superiors couldn’t locate him.


He managed the disappearance which is difficult for any person not acquainted with the roles in the bureaucracy. After that, the department put in his appearance over the weekend. Wrestling in high school, I don’t believe the department’s stories. I don’t believe them!! Nor should any one!!


Even one inclined to believe the cops’ version, please go fishing! All along, it believes in the pole casting – somewhere up the line – renders the version unbelievable. I have dealt with police versions on particular stories. They usually justify the cop’s action. The disappearances made them sound like bigger drafts, wanting them cut it down.


Frederick City Officer James Martin pulled a difficult trick. An 18-years-experience veteran with the force, Mr. Martin managed to fall across the suspect’s car after it struck him. This is not the comedy it seems. On an average evening, he serves with city’s drug task force. He deserved the standing applause.


Meanwhile, out in Missouri’s Ferguson, thrown up in the very shadows of St. Louis, 45 were arrested the other evening. This portends the civil action wouldn’t stop anytime soon.


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