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August 21, 2014

Real Bullies, Killers and Criminals

Harry M. Covert

Won’t be long now. The imaginary Labor Day political campaign kickoff rolls into ribald, raucous and rip-roaring high gear. Everyone has been waiting for this. Gloves will be off in a contumely manner.


The future finally gets here. Each and every inhabitant of Frederick County, and all consumers of the “elegant” reporting and commentating on these pages of, can get in on the voting to come, the cons and the pros.


Pay attention now. The count is 75 days, two months and 14 days. Weeping and wailing follows the long days and nights of issues and answers, pledges and promises, swearings at and then swearing ins.


It’ll be 950,400 seconds, 15,840 minutes and a mere 11 days before Labor Day. From today until then, political activity of all sorts will not be silent. That will be good, too, because lots of voters still have to truly decide, if they haven’t already, on leadership in the county for the next few years.


Let’s be frank. Watching all of the continuing lawlessness in Ferguson, Missouri, the ongoing murdering in Iraq, Syria, Israel and Gaza only to mention a few. Leadership is the most vital thing facing us. Ballot casters must determine the urgency and type of leaders who will exhibit and take control.


Boots on the ground and execution. These two words have overtaken the national vocabulary. Such conversation and discussion for rights have gotten out of control. Leadership is missing. Hugs and kisses haven’t worked and virulent attacks on authority are rampant.


I’ve asked before and will do so again: when will anger erupt throughout the land of opportunity, throughout the amber waves of grain to set things straight?


Going to war is not a frivolous thought. Just like that Day of Infamy on December 7, 1941, every area of the American fiber is under attack. Radicals in the Middle East have kicked up their war against the free world. Death and destruction is well under way and our national leaders are vacationing. To be exact, they give the impression they are truly out to lunch. They are.


Are Americans now willing to step aside and allow the real bullies, killers and criminals take control of our lives and the way we work to enjoy pleasant living?


I keep hearing words that a policeman doing his duty “executed” a law breaker. That Americans don’t want “boots on the ground” in Iraq. Colonel Potter would call this “horse hockey.”


The word execution is horrible; but every American should be uncomfortable, irate and fearful after the beheading of a journalist – news reporter – by the radical Islamists guerrillas. Boots on the ground? American soldiers should be in Iraq by the thousands, and everywhere else that threatens the free world. It is time to stop wishy-washy actions and bring a halt to the international criminals, our enemies.


Either the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world or the weakest, wimpy-est and all talk and no action.


The world is not all equal. My question is: Does the U.S. want to wait for more bombings and shooting on American soil, fighting for our survival?


There are perfectly good reasons Maryland and other states’ police agencies received military equipment for good reason. They need them.


None of us want war. Everyone wants peace whether we have bumper stickers that say co-exist. The latter sounds nice and is sugar coated but won’t work one iota the moment terrorists invade Camp David, up Route 15 for the presidential retreat. Or when terrorists take a whack somewhere in Frederick County.


Lots of naïve people think such things won’t happen here. This may sound trite, but there’s a slogan, “Be Prepared.”


The threats are real to the free society as we know it. Leaders in these parts must be aware, alert and doers, not people who run for cover and want someone else to do it. The quietness abounding from leaders is fearful.


The shame in Ferguson, MO, is going to spread if not stopped. The land of the free and the home of the brave is certainly not perfect, but with all of the imperfections, it far outweighs life in Muslim countries and Third World countries where the cowardly guerrillas are without conscience.


The thing scary here is simple: who is going to lead this nation as it heads to World War III. This is not far-fetched. It’s under way now. The horrible thought is there’s no acknowledged political leader on the horizon.


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