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August 19, 2014

Attempted Murder of Frederick Policeman

Harry M. Covert

To borrow an age-old saying, silence is deafening from a vast majority of locals and national citizens and politicians, except for the usual suspects. I’m referring to the civil unrest ongoing in the show-me state, “missoura.”


The bother here is a simple one. Will the problem seep into Frederick, Baltimore, District of Columbia and other cities and towns? This is serious and, for Heaven’s sake, I hope not.


The situation still festers and, I dislike having to say it, but national and world media are trying the case and making police the criminal. Such reporting trickles down locally. A headline I read says, “Suspect recovering after officer shot him.” What?


It’s against my instinct to pick on newspapers because I’m a believer in freedom of the press. The inflammatory headline is inaccurate. The Frederick police officer shot the guy after being struck by the suspect’s car.


The newspaper has got to get back into the front-page business of reporting facts. Save opinion for the editorial page.


The Frederick driver got exactly what he deserved. He should be locked up without bail in the county jail. The charge: attempted murder. The police officer ought to be commended for his affirmative action and receive a promotion.


I have long experience in the newspaper dodge. In my day up to this period, good newspapers report the facts in news columns. I remember well when a Hampton (VA), patrolman was purposely struck down by a driver at a highway stop. It was awful. The officer lost a leg up to his hip and took years to recover. He went back to work. The driver, thankfully, received a long prison sentence.


No Frederick policeman should have to risk life or limb in stopping a car or thief.


It’s aggravating to no end that men and women sworn to protect the public have become victims – right here in Frederick, not in Ferguson, Missouri.


Local residents, and media, should not become wimps and crybabies when police and sheriff’s deputies have to do their sworn duties. Dealing with lawbreakers, criminals and nut cases is dangerous and treacherous every day.


Pay attention to the continual drive-by shootings and murders going on daily in other areas of Maryland – District Heights, Oxon Hill. It is astounding that some ne-er do wells in this day and age like to have shootouts on state roads with police, and with a three-year-old child in the car. Should I remind readers the child died in the shooting chase? A great-grandparent and grandparent are recovering in a southern Maryland hospital.


It’s time local leaders and all candidates speak out vociferously in support of law and order. I have no patience with alleged leaders who won’t take stands for community safety. Safety is vital.


Protesting is one thing. Protesting criminal activity is another.


The sad and disgraceful matter is that many have forgotten the differences between legal, illegal, honesty, veracity and goodness. Print and broadcast news agencies like to promote such bad conduct and lifestyle. Some like the idea of inflaming headlines and broadcast bulletins.


The problem in Ferguson isn’t the police. Such conduct can’t be allowed in Frederick city and county.


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