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August 12, 2014

Beginning of August

Roy Meachum

This column originally was pegged to Richard M. Nixon’s resignation 40 years later; there was a kind of mass celebrations – mainly among the media. Mr. Nixon took all censors with him – Ehrlichman, Haldeman and several others. (Until typing their names, I didn’t realize how Germanic they were.)


“The Guns of August,” Barbara Tuchman’s masterpiece, reminded me the dates were already famous before Watergate.


Raking the harvests in, all killings started about August; the exception was Adolph Hitler’s June 20 invasion of the Soviet Union. And World War II calendars made no “never mind.” Hitler didn’t pay attention – although he tolerated no black cat crossing his path. He urged the troops on. The very real fear was the Russian winter that slowed down the tanks, self-propelled artillery and Stuka dive-bombers.


The key-words are “Raking the harvests in,” sometimes the last weeks of summer promised more than delivered, still there was a go-ahead, mainly for fearful invaders: those figuring they were ready to knock out adjoining nations.


In August 1513, King Henry VIII triumphed in the Battle of Spurs. The French folded. There was a question when the across-Chanel neighbor ever attacked. Anyway, there is a certainty neighbors put aside the grains – especially in this nation. Wars between Indian tribes flourished – until the Europeans introduced gunpowder and bullets. Logically, there have been “rumors,” more than that: the early settlers found celebrated cadavers in villages.


Strangely, the headlines proclaim President Barack Obama ordered U.S. jets into Iraq; they are doing the same things, pelleting the land below with bombs and transporting to the people. The same division applies. Why did we make spectacle of withdrawing? In or out!!! Being from the segregated South, I don’t trust the feds.


The Washington gesture seems all right in terms of Iraq. I don’t trust August as the time of making decisions in the military arena. Richard Nixon’s resignation proved all right. I put my tongue out to taste the weather and it seems all right. But I have said “decisions in the military arena” are shaky to my mouth, as you can understand. The announcement comes across as spurious, mainly because of timing.


Mr. Nixon’s decision made in the terms of one nation seems right. But if you include other countries, logics splinter.


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