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August 11, 2014

The Calm Before The Stormů

Jill King

The only thing worse than not having a topic prepared for a column is the pressure of knowing that the online edition will go dark – if you don't produce. Pitching topics out all day on social media hasn't prepared the mood, or the amount of information necessary to actually get it together.


With national issues, Israel and Gaza, ISIS and Iraq, and Putin denying his existence in Ukraine or taking part in any of the unrest of the region, some would think it was easy. Unfortunately, these topics are okay for a short discussion, but to go in depth and mark a defining opinion or conjure up enough research from a “he said she said” report that we don't even know whether the sources are accurate or not is not something I yearn for.


Even the local political races have become a bore. Republicans going after Democrats; Democrats going after Republicans... It was so much more fun when you could raise mischief in the ranks of the party with which you identify the most and reject the fact that there was another election to follow five long months later.


Sometimes I catch myself participating in bogus accusations hurled into the mosh pit by someone striving to be noticed in their party, or in their best attempt to aid a candidate of their choice. Soon I find out that the topic is not meant to be challenged, nor expanded upon, or even argued at all. It is one vision and – if you don't agree – you come out with scratches and bruises and a truly genuine headache. Some threads are more serious than others; and those doing the posting think they have unearthed new and unchartered territory.


Well, gee... if it truly happened, wouldn't you think the other side is prepared for a response? This is why full disclosure, early and often is necessary in order to get past the – Who cares? Morality comes into play a lot more than it needs to, although rumor and speculation are typically where the judgment comes from.


Three Democrat candidates want changes to the county’s Ethics Code, according to a Saturday Frederick News-Post article. While, this is an important component for government, the Ethics Board is not able to prosecute as these office seekers suggest. There are three branches of government for egregious and illegal crimes. If we would have this board do as these candidates suggest, it would be able to make the laws and enforce those same laws. Checks and balances is why we have three branches of government.


After numerous ethics complaints that lacked validity, these three candidates suggest that it is the board and not the person who filed the complaint who lacks judgment. The breach has to be defined, yet they want to make up the rules as they go.


In other news, Baltimore City changed their juvenile curfew law to separate age ranges with times that they have to be inside with adult supervision. Historically, they have been able to enforce the curfew since the absenteeism and tardiness in schools is extremely high. Courts have long sided with parents and juveniles freedoms, until they allowed for school attendance to prove need.


All of these stories and happenings around the county and state are valid, but there are times one just can't squeeze enough out of it to make the word counts for the audience’s enjoyment. Yes, it has been one of those kinds of weeks. Soon though the madness will start and everything being held back will come slamming out of the political camps in hopes of putting their party candidate in office.


For now, the news remains what it is and local politics is kind of at calm before the storm. Yes, in two weeks, I will want to have a column everyday as campaign season picks up again.


retraining my brain for the future, conferring with the past...


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