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August 7, 2014

Time for Some Anger

Harry M. Covert

The wonder of it all these days is when, really when, are Americans going to get mad as hell and not take it anymore?


Admonitions abound that a soft answer turns away wrath, to which much is given much is required, turn the other cheek and the sweet list continues.


Another question here is: do these cautions count one whit in other societies? The answer is a resounding apparently no with a capital letter. Anyone of any age, who is paying the slightest attention to current events, knows full well a large portion of the world is determined to destroy the American way of life.


This includes the Frederick County section of the world. This is not preposterous in any way shape or form. For all of what may be ills in this country, it’s still the best anyway. That’s not up for debate.


The preference here is always to be sweet and nice to everyone, to help friends and neighbors and, the needy ones around the world. There is a time, to borrow a phrase from a longtime friend, “Daddy has come home.” What does this means? Simply put, straighten up and fly right, or I’m going to spank your bottom big time, no matter what that old kook Dr. Spock endorsed. He is not the character from Star Trek, although he was a bit out in la-la land.


Plenty of people can remember the anti-war mischief abounding some years ago. Where in the hell are all of these people as the nation continues to try and police the world? Has seeing volunteer soldiers and generals dying and injured become the accepted thing?.For what? If Americans think democracy is going to take hold in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and even Russia, they are sadly mistaken. May look good just to get US dollars, but that’s all. These people, like Hamas in Gaza and elsewhere, simply hate everybody and don’t want to be dragged into the 21st Century.


It was “nice” to see all of the African leaders conversing in Washington this week, even attending a state dinner. Most of these people have countries where the vast majority of their people are still malnourished, uneducated and unhealthy to say the least. Purpose of the international meeting was to talk about the “growing” economies. That’s good but – and the but is – the Dark Continent remains dark en masse. Democracies? Not in the American style. Their hands are always out.


The admonitions reported earlier are important and good. Frankly, the good guys have to stand up and say enough. Everyone’s ragging and criticizing and boo-hooing about the attacks on Gaza in recent weeks. The cowards engineering rockets into Israel, still battling battles of centuries, could merely stop firing the shots, stop digging underground tunnels and hiding innocent people in schools, Mosques. So, who’s going to rebuild the electrical plants, apartments, water systems, hospitals in Gaza? Sure won’t be the cowards and their friends who would like nothing better than to resume attacks around the free world, particularly us Americans.


Think about those who paid the ultimate price in Southeast Asia, all those in Iraq and Afghanistan and other locales. The real infidels are the tribes, Hamas, al Qaeda, and such who believe solidly in beheadings, crucifixions, and other assorted ways to kill and maim innocents.


It has become more than sickening to see the constant fatal upheavals throughout the Middle East and Asia. This is more than a diatribe. It’s up to the free world to find the serums to stop Ebola from Africa and spreading internationally. No, not nice to bring it up, of course. Not one Frederick young man and young woman should perish because of the evil running amok. In fact, no more Americans should suffer in any way because of the knot heads.


Political battles certainly should go on in Frederick, other Maryland cities and towns, and all around the nation to protect the good in the nation.


Locally, everyone enjoys prattling over taxes. Do they have a clue as to what the wars are costing in dollars? Probably not in the least.


So, turning the other cheek is very nice. The fact of the matter, though, it’s time to ball up the collective fists and knock the living “Hades” out of the cowards – worldwide.


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