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August 4, 2014

Of Morality and Righteousness: Immigration debate keeps paying-off

Steven R. Berryman

“But they are all good people.” All of our ancestors were immigrants as well, right; so why are the bigoted, protectionist, redneck pigs continuing to fight against yet another wave of foreign-born people coming to America without portfolio?


And in the other corner, why are so many soft-headed humanists continuing to assume that citizenship in America (keys to the city and all that) is some unalienable right, along with the debatable “right to food” and “right to shelter.”


Is unbridled, unrestricted immigration really best for America? Who bears the costs?


[A brief consultation to The Constitution can help to resolve the above, unless you consider the “or anything else you want it to be” clause….]


I personally know some very bright and thoughtful liberals and conservatives who cannot sort these complex issues into any comprehensive patchwork of understandability!


First, the flames of divisive and non-productive debate are fanned by both hate groups and love groups on either side...for financial gains; can you say “donations for the cause?”.....and who is for “hate,” and who is for “love” is surely a matter of perspective from whichever side of the berm at the border your tent is pitched.


The make-believe do-gooder group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently attacked the sheriff of Frederick County, Chuck Jenkins for accepting monetary support from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) for a trip to the little border state of Texas. No story here, folks.


The sheriff is indeed guilty: Of reaching outside the box to protect his constituents from long-term negative consequences that are easily predictable.


The SPLC is known as primarily a fundraising organization with left-wing ties. Emotional arguments are their forte…I also know them for their personal attacks and list making. My group, Help Save Maryland (which is comprised of whites, blacks, women and Asians alike – against the negative impacts of “illegal-immigration”) has also made SPLC’s certified “hate group” list. We wear it as a badge of honor as we consider the source!


From first-hand research, I will categorically state now that FAIR founder Tom Fitton is no racist. Help Save Maryland founder Brad Botwin is no racist. Detractors rarely take the time to read “white papers.”


There are reasons that all nations value the security and sanctity of their borders.


There are many justifications for an active defense!


·       Ebola, and diseases long eradicated from our nation are joining up with “refugees” to come to America. Just view World Health Organization charts on this.


·       Gang activity and narco-trafficking are benefitting greatly from open-borders, and are now expanding businesses in our great land as border portals remain open to ALL comers...Ask the sheriff or police chief organizations.


·       Costs of education, healthcare, and social-welfare programs have skyrocketed in our recent lifetime as a result (just look at your tax bills and/or checkbook). Witness the decline of the middle-class.


·       We are not enticing the “best and brightest” to come to America; in fact demonstrably the exact opposite. Doctors, dentists, scientists and engineers are not climbing fences. We already have visa programs for them. We attract those without work-skill sets ….that are not even employable in their countries of origin. And we attract those outside of the law...looking for safe haven and a free ride.


·       The plight of the underprivileged and downtrodden children is different. When we encourage their escape into America, we unwittingly send them on a most dangerous journey where many die in the attempt. Many a parent is fooled into breaking up their families with promises of free education and relative safety….at whose expense?


And why stop there? Why only Mexico, Central and South America?


Let’s take on all of the underemployed, lost, alienated, disenfranchised and disappointed people from all of the other nations as well! From the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Liberia, from Kiev, from China, from Pakistan and Palestine…


Without controls America would become internally Balkanized within our contiguous states, with pockets of ghettos that are no-go zones even for local law enforcement. This outcome has already beset much of Europe, especially in pockets of England, France and Scandinavia, where even the military fears to tread and car burning parties are the norm…. Where assimilation is a laughing matter and justice has transgressed back to scripture in lieu of laws.


Do consider nature:


What is a biological cell, the fundamental unit of carbon-based life, without its cell wall membrane? It becomes an amorphous goo, impossible to “organ-ize” into a sophisticated complex life form.


“They come to the border just like your ancestors did!” and “We have more than enough land to share!”....wishful, hopeful rhetoric.


And then there are the children. Who could be against them! Even separated children from Central America, for instance…(strangely, the call is to go and pick them up to spare them the trip; some precedent)


Unless….unless profiteers are taking cash from the poor parents of these children in return for the “coyote” services of transportation – out of impoverished South America – and/or are convincing the provincial parents that the land of fabled opportunity, The United States, will close the door to emigration soon, under political pressure?


Liberals would have you believe in the righteousness of this scenario based upon a past failed foreign policy in the region: that this should be our price; that the West is responsible for the plights of Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc…


Truly, is there no value in citizenship? Are we simply a holding area for the world’s plights?


Shall we find some balance in this debate, folks, that spans politics and monied interests, please!


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